Holey Rollers - photo by Dennis Spielman
For the love of a good pun, Holey Rollers rolls out “Sensible Sweets” in the form of vegan donuts and local coffee. In this Food Truck Q&A, Andrea Koester shares the history of Holey Rollers, their history in the food industry, and their favorite donuts.

What is Holey Rollers and what do you serve?
We are a vegan bakery that specializes in donuts! We cater to special diets including dairy free and gluten free.

We sell to local coffee shops around OKC and Norman and we just opened our donut and coffee trailer.

Holey Rollers - photo by Dennis Spielman
What got you started on Holey Rollers?
Anna Johnson started baking for Elemental Coffee and began creating donuts that were very well received. Anna and I had worked together in the past and when she came to me with her idea for Holey Rollers I knew I could help make it in to a reality. We have had a lot of fun creating the brand together.

A group is in line for some Holey Rollers - photo by Dennis Spielman
Let’s talk about he design of the trailer. What made you go with your trailer and how did you decide on the name?
We both worked for the catering/truck department for Big Truck Tacos and are very aware of all the troubles that a food truck can lend, we decided to go with a trailer for functionality and small start up cost. Plus the vintage trailer is adorable 🙂 The name is all Anna, she had a vision of a rolling food cart with donuts hence the hole-y-rollers, she loves a good pun.

Holey Rollers - photo by Dennis Spielman
What are your most popular options?
Right now we are having a hard time with this question….. they seem to each have their own following. My personal favorite is the Chocolate Peanut Butter while Anna loves the Vanilla Lavender. the S’mores or the Sprinkles are always good go to options.

Holey Rollers - photo by Dennis Spielman
What can people regularly expect from you?
Delicious donuts and great local coffee!

What’s a typical day like?
Being small business owners we wear many different hats. We can be found most days in the kitchen, but in between its a combination of planning our events, answering emails, taking orders, or just doing anything that a we can to improve our business.

Holey Rollers - photo by Dennis Spielman
What are some of your usual spots and where can people go to learn more about your truck and where you’ll be located?
Every Thursday we are at Celestial Cycles (Hefner and May) and Saturdays were around the Farmers Market. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter to find our next location. You can always find one of our donuts at the following locations: Elemental Coffee, Leaf + Bean, Provision Kitchen, Urban Teahouse, The Fitpig.

Anything else you want people to know?
Our tag line is “Sensible Sweets”, we truly believe that you can eat sensibly and still enjoy sweets! We want everybody no matter their dietary needs or preference to be able to enjoy a donut!

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