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Brownies are yum
A visit to The Phoenix is “gonna change you like a remix” and then “raise you like a phoenix.” Okay, while I don’t think Fall Out Boy was inspired to write their song by The Phoenix in Tulsa’s Pearl District, it is an inspiriting place to visit. The Phoenix serves up sandwiches, pastries, teas, cocktails and beer, and fresh baked breads.

Sandwich at The Phoenix
All of their sandwiches are inspired by stories from books and movies. For example, The Joy Luck Club has turkey, ham, bacon, swiss, lettuce, tomato, red onion, and mayo served on toast sourdough. Then there’s The Godfather with pepperoni, salami, ham, and provolone served on a poppy seed bagel. There’s also a sandwich I am not allowed to talk about because that is the first rule of that sandwich. The second rule of that sandwich is don’t talk about the sandwich, so, whoops…

The whole design of the place is simply cool. Books are a central part of their design–with the front counter and pillar embellished with bookcovers. Even their logo has a phoenix rising out from a book (don’t feel bad if you didn’t notice the book the first time because I didn’t).

2016-04-08 The Phoenix Tulsa-11
2016-04-08 The Phoenix Tulsa-12
The Phoenix also has a “hidden” reading room, which, while not TOO hard to find, is used for events or for those who just want a relaxing place to hang out and read.

“So dance alone to the beat of your heart” and visit The Phoenix.

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