A drifter on the amateur rodeo circuit returns to his hometown and is surprised by a chance encounter with his father, who left him 13 years ago after a tragic car accident. Writer/Director, Logan Alexander, talks about his western short film, Wrung, which will be showing at the deadCENTER Film Festival.

Tell me a bit about yourself and your role with Wrung.
I wrote, directed, and edited the short—with my best friend and producing partner, Tye Chapman, stepping up as Lead Actor. We met in our High School drama class and started out as partners in Humorous and Dramatic Interpretation at Speech/Debate tournaments.

Wrung - Promo Still

How would you describe Wrung to people?
When we set out to make Wrung, we strived to be more than just a short set in Oklahoma, but rather be a short film about Oklahoma—its past, present, and future. It’s a modern Western, about the sins of a father and the choice of a son.

Why should one see it?
If not for the beautiful Oklahoma sunsets and fantastic acting by Tye Chapman and the incredible Bill Brewer, then see it for the kick ass bullride.

What was the most challenging aspect you had in the production?
One of our crew members was is a vegetarian and we had to scour the rural landscape for something other than red meat. But in all seriousness, every day had its challenges, from easy fixes like cutting the air conditioning for optimal sound recording to bigger ones such as finding a bullrider willing to risk life and limb in the name of cinema. We were lucky to have a crew willing to meet every challenge with an open mind and will to solve them.

What was the best part about filming in Oklahoma?
The city of Kingfisher was so gracious during our production; from allowing us to shoot during a rodeo to utilizing an FFA Barn as a green screen studio. My former High School photography instructor lent us a wealth of equipment that boosted our production value tenfold. Everyone lent a helping hand along the way.

 Wrung - Behind the Scenes - Provided Photo
What were some particular scenes that were enjoyable to film?
The Bar scene was a treat to film. We had an actual bar tab during the shoot and everyone had a beer in hand. As the day went on, the dialog got a little more sloppy and our angles were a bit more crooked.

What are your thoughts on the deadCENTER Film Festival?
I was lucky enough to intern at the deadCENTER office during the 2014 festival. Working under Lance, Kim, and Alyx left a deep impression on me and my work ethic. dC is an incredible event that our state should treasure like a jewel.

Anything else you wish to add?
See Wrung on Friday June 10 at 6:00 PM and Sunday at 5:30 PM at the EL and Thelma Gaylord Theater at Harkins 16 in Bricktown as apart of the Okie Shorts section of the deadCENTER Film Festival!

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