Oklahoma’s Oldest and Longest Running Fan-Run Extravaganza, SoonerCon, happens June 24th through the 26th this year in the Reed Conference Center at 5800 Will Rogers Rd in Midwest City. In the three days, there’s a wonderful selection of activities and panels to check out. I’ve highlighted 25 activities to check out.

1. Miniatures Painting Competition

The first “To Do” I’m going to list is SoonerCon’s new Miniatures Painting Competition, which can be enjoyed both artists and fans. There are prizes for Best Single Figure, Best Large Figure, and Best in Show. As for rules, all participants must have a SoonerCon 25 membership and have their pieces registered and on display in the Art Show before Saturday, June 25th at 5pm.

2. Get Rachael Messer’s autograph

Rachael Messer is a professional and full time voice actress. Rachael makes her living voice acting for video games. Most recently you can hear her as Comba in “Warframe”, the Teacher in “Yandere Simulator”, several characters in Heroes of Newerth, Tio Windstorm, Claro Lightfoot, Ylana Felstorm, and Cladria Windstorm in “Wakfu Raiders”, Totem in the Wii U game called Anima: Gates of Memories, Astra in the Xbox game “Wormhole City”, “Stairs”, “Wild Season”,“Orion”, and over 40 different other games. She also voices multiple characters including Daybreak and Nightfall in “Midnight Mares”. She also does film and is the leading female role in the new tv series “It’s Just Brunch” with South Parks’ Toby Morton and Peter Bedgood. She is currently the voice of Shiara in the new animated tv series “Prince Adventures” by Chuck Huber and the lead in a new anime called “Devil’s Legacy”, along with voice acting in FUNimation animes.

3. Go to to the Panel: Thrifty Revisions

Have you ever been to a thrift store, seen some random painting, and thought about spicing it up? In this panel James Murray, WJ Hodgson, Phillip Hollecker, Mike Kennedy, Angela Lowry, and Allison Stein discuss asking sci-fi elements to thrift store pantings.

4. Battle in the Nerf War

Bring your favorite foam dart blaster and join the fun. On Saturday and Sunday mornings there will be several different game types which may include, Capture the Flag, Missile Destroyer, Zerf Nombies, Assassins.

5. Star Trek Continues Screening With Q&A

Catch the screening of Star Trek Continues web episode 6, “Come Not Between the Dragons.” Followed by Q&A with series star Vic Mignogna and previous cast member Larry Nemecek.

6. Play Muggle Quidditch

Muggle Quidditch is a sport based on Quidditch, the fictional sport developed by British author J. K. Rowling in the Harry Potter series of children’s novels, as governed by the Quidditch Association. Each match begins with the seven starting players along the starting line within their keeper zone with brooms on the ground and their eyes closed (so as to not watch where the snitch goes) and the four balls lined in the center of the pitch. The head referee, when they see the snitch fall out of sight, then calls “brooms up!” to which players pick up their brooms and run to gain possession of the balls. After brooms up is called, the seekers must not interfere with other positions and wait near the pitch until the end of the seeker floor, usually 10 minutes. After the seeker floor the seekers are released and may run off pitch to search for the snitch. Once a point is scored, the quaffle must be given to the other team’s keeper and almost immediately return to the offensive with the chasers returning to their keeper zone; beaters are not bound to return to their side of the pitch nor exit the opposing team’s keeper zone at any point. Games generally last 20 to 50 minutes. The game is won only after the snitch has been caught cleanly, and the team that caught the snitch is awarded 50 points. The winner is determined by the total number of points, NOT the team who caught the snitch.

7. Be a Hungry Hungry Humans (Hippos)

Four hungry, hungry hippos (2 person teams) face off in an attempt to shove all the balls into their mouths (laundry baskets). One teammate will ride a cart and be propelled by the other teammate. Once they have collected balls in their laundry basket, the other teammate will pull them back to the starting area. After all balls have been collected (or at the end of the time limit) the team with the most balls wins.

8. Go to the Panel: Breaking into the SF Art Industry

Professional artists share how they got their first job and how to build a career in art. Participants include: Alain Viesca, Joshua Cook, Bryan Crump, Dell Harris, and Nene Thomas.

9. Listen to the David Weber’s Readings

There will be a reading, Q&A, and autographs with Literary Guest of Honor David Weber. David Mark Weber is an American science fiction and fantasy author. He has written several science-fiction and fantasy books series, the best known of which is the Honor Harrington science-fiction series.

Kate Le in Heroes of the Realm

10. Watch Heroes of the Realm and Q&A

“In a world where magic reigns, one tyrant was the undisputed ruler. But when magic opens a portal to our world, it’s up to a pizza delivery woman to make the most important delivery of her life.” Watch the 8-minute short film followed after a Q&A with screenwriter Matthew Price and director Kyle Roberts.

I interviewed Kyle Roberts about the movie in this deadCENTER Q&A session. I’ve seen the short twice. It’s worth seeing!

11. Medieval Song and Dance

Watch or join the Medieval Song and Dance by the Arthurian Order of Avalon.

SoonerCon - photo by Dennis Spielman

12. Participate in SoonerCon 25 Masquerade Costume Contest

Dress to impress in SoonerCon’s annual costume contest! There are first place awards for each category, such as Youth, Constructed in the Past, and Original/Fantasy, and an award for Best of Show.

13. Get Selina Rosen’s Autograph

Selina Rosen is a U.S. science fiction publisher, editor, and author. In 1995 she founded her own publishing house, Yard Dog Press, specializing in the adventure, fantasy, and science fiction genres.

14. Ask questions for the Vic Mignogna Q&A

Audience Q&A session with actor Vic Mignogna. Vic is an American actor and musician known for his prolific voice-over work in the English dubs of Japanese anime shows, the most notable being Edward Elric from the Fullmetal Alchemist series, for which he earned the American Anime Award for Best Actor in 2007.

15. Watch Starship Grissom: Planet L-197

From Oklahoma City’s Starbase Studios, an educational Star Trek fan film designed to be used in classrooms. Join members of the studio, cast, crew, and the teacher who wrote the show for this latest episode screening and Q&A. Learn more about Starbase Studios in this video interview I did with them.

SoonerCon - photo by Dennis Spielman

16. Play Board Games

SoonerCon will hosting board games all the time. Play a favorite or discover something new.

17. Go to the World Peace Through Chocolate Art Reception

Award-winning SF artists host a viewing of the region’s largest SF art show. Light desserts provided.

18. Go to the Yard Dog Roadshow

The artists and authors of Yard Dog Press go all out in this comedy sketch show to celebrate twenty years of independent publishing and Selina’s 10th anniversary as SoonerCon Toastmaster.

19. Find out about Keeping Zombies Fresh

Panel discussion on contemporary updates to the classic zombie genre include Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and iZombie. Panelists include Tim Frayser, Sherri Dean,
Borg Hu, Dennis McDonald, and Allison Stein.

20. Learn Cost-Cutting Costuming

On Friday, June 24 at 3pm learn how to build complete costumes of your favorite characters using found items and minimal fabrication techniques.

21. Meet Ron Chaney

Ron Chaney is the grandson of legendary Lon Chaney, Jr., The Man of a Thousand Faces, and great-grandson of Lon Chaney, the original Wolf Man. In 1992, Ron formed Chaney Entertainment to preserve and perpetuate the Chaney family legacy. He acts as president and CEO of the company.

In 2015 he produced a show on the 90th anniversary of the The Phantom of the Opera at the historic Egyptian Theatre, featuring the original piano and violin scores performed live for the audience.

Ron continues to produce, write, and design new projects for film, television, commercials and stage, all in an effort to reintroduce the Chaneys’ creativity to current and future generations.

22. Go to the panel Getting Into Comics

An introductory guide to comics and where to jump in for new readers. This is perfect panel for those who have seen comic book movies and what to dive into the source material.

23. Go to the panel Indie Film Production A-Z

The basics on all aspects of independent film production. How to film and produce an epic story on a five-and-dime budget. This panel is moderated by Matthew Price and includes Ryan Bellgardt (Army of Frankensteins) Neal Hallford (The Case of Evil), Kyle Roberts (The Posthuman Project), and Haleigh Todd (Morganville: The Series).

SoonerCon - photo by Dennis Spielman

24. See the Cosplay

What’s a fan convention without cosplay?

SoonerCon - photo by Dennis Spielman

25. Have Fun!

Above all: have fun! SoonerCon has an Anti-Harassment Policy to ensure people are safe. SoonerCon staff will be happy to help participants contact hotel/venue security or local law enforcement, provide escorts, or otherwise assist those experiencing harassment to feel safe for the duration of the conference.

SoonerCon is a three day event with many offerings – some of which you can’t find locally. This list was only a small selection to highlight some of the variety. For the full schedule to find what interests you, go to soonercon.com

Regular (at the door) prices are as follows:
Daily Membership: $25
Weekend Memberships: $50

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