Here’s the recap video of all the 30 Seconds (or less) with various filmmakers showing movies at the 2016 deadCenter Film Festival that I have been posting on Twitter and Facebook. In my 30 Seconds Series, I gave each person 30 seconds to talk about the film they were involved in. Think of each video like the filmmaker is making elevator pitch as to why you should see the movie. All the videos are done as a one shot. The fun thing about this project, besides the short nature, was as soon as a video session was done, it went straight online. If you missed any of these films at deadCenter, many of them are set to play at other festivals and some may even get distribution. Whatever the future holds, enjoy this recap and keep an eye out for them!

Trevor Zhou about his short “The Waltz”
Spencer Lenox Hicks about “O, Brother”
Jacob Burns and J. Alan Davidson about “Electric Nostalgia”
Bunee Tomlinson about “Bunee: The Boy from Constanța”
“The Legend of Swee’ Pea” with Ben May
Skinner about “La Tierra Del Exodo”
Alex Harris about “CTRL”
Blake Pickens and Stephen “Dr” Love about “The Land”
Scott Sheppard about “An Act of Love”
Eva Daoud about “The Light Thief”

To read more interviews about deadCenter movies with an Oklahoma connection, click here. For the 30 Seconds With Series last here, click here.

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