Let's Do Greek Food Truck - Photo by Dennis Spielman
For this Food Truck Q&A, Let’s Do Greek, shall we? The team behind the Edmond based Let’s Do Greek talks about their cuisine, expansion to a food truck in addition to their restaurant, and what to expect from them.

What do you serve?
We serve Greek and Mediterranean cuisine in the truck!

What got you started on the food truck for Let’s Do Greek?
We purchased the truck because we saw that food trucks are the new concept, and it’s our way of bringing out food to people who can’t get to our Edmond location!

Let's Do Greek Food Truck at  Delmar Gardens - photo by Dennis Spielman
Let’s talk about he design of the food truck. What made you go with your truck?
The truck fits our system as far as the kitchen goes and it’s just so cool!

What can people regularly expect from you?
People can expect fresh quality food with lots of customer service and smiles, because we just Love what we do!

What’s a typical day like?
A typical day starts at dawn and ends close to dawn! With all the prepping and cooking and traveling time and everything else that goes into having a Business!

The Thunder Fries from Let's Do Greek - photo by Dennis Spielman
What are some of your usual spots and where can people go to learn more about your truck and where you’ll be located?
We get asked to go to lots of festivals and offices and also private parties so if our clients follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook they can know exactly where we are on any given day! There is also a new Truck it App that lets you know where we are! We have been to Bleu Garten, Edmond Arts Festival, H&8th Night Market, Norman Music Festival and so many more to name, we just love people and having the truck gives us the opportunity to meet so many new friends!

Anything else you want people to know?
Reach the truck by calling 405-642-2021 or the Restaurant by calling 405-285-8898

Food from Let's Do Greek - photo by Dennis Spielman

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