This has been a week for local music videos.

I’m going to start this round-up by sharing “Best Thing” by alternative rock/synth pop band, Hannah Wolff. The best thing about this music video is the cool 80s retro vibe and special effects.

“I’ve had to sit on this finished project for a few months and I’ve been dying to share, so I hope you will enjoy it!” said singer, Hannah Wolff.

Remix Time! This music video by The Happily Entitled is the remix version of their song, Friction, with The Muddy Heads.

“Creating the music video felt like many nights I had in high school just driving around the city trying to find cool spots to hang out and mess around,” said singer, Mackenzie Pulse. “It was incredibly fun to work with the guys in The Muddy Heads, the entire process was so lighthearted and fun, which isn’t always the case. Sometimes making a music video can be stressful!”

On a personal note, I loved the callback remix to the non-remixed music video version of Friction, where Mackenzie is wrapped in a black blanket. It was a nice touch.

In the Trails’ music video by the Oklahoma City based band, The So Help Me’s, they set out to show the beauty of the city that they love so much. The video was shot and edited by Daniel Aaron Austin.

“With our first video we wanted to write a love letter to the city that has helped us grow so much as people and musicians,” said the band, The So Help Me’s. “We’ve spent so many nights eating at Empire Slice House after shows and rehearsals, or getting caffeinated at Elemental Coffee, or hanging out on 23rd Street and OKC Midtown District. And the Plaza District especially has become our home away from home. We could not have done this video with [email protected], who has provided us a rehearsal space four stories above glistening Bricktown, Oklahoma City, and invaluable knowledge and support from the many wonderful teachers and artists there. This video highlights just a few of the places in OKC that have influenced our music, our culture, and our lives since we all moved here from the four corners of this great state. We love you OKC!”

“The song ‘Trails’ is a reflection of where all the band members go almost daily, while also encouraging others to follow them as they fall deeper in love with OKC.”“I’ve never met a band that has more love for the city that they live in,” said Director, Daniel Austin. “The song ‘Trails’ is a reflection of where all the band members go almost daily, while also encouraging others to follow them as they fall deeper in love with OKC. They may go on tour to other towns and states, but this video is a digital testament of their passion for the city.”

I hope you enjoyed this Oklahoma Music Video Round-Up. Be sure to catch all three of these female fronted bands at the AMP Festival on Saturday, August 27th.

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