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For this week’s Creator Conversation, here’s the soulful music of Gabrielle B. In this question and answer session, she talks about her music, making her first music video, intuition, and more wonderful things.

How do you describe yourself and your music?
“I’m very much so a “go with the flow” type of person. It took a lot of self growth to become that way and I think it reflects in my music.”I’m very much so a “go with the flow” type of person. It took a lot of self growth to become that way and I think it reflects in my music. A lot of what I write, usually refers to me figuring something out whether it be myself, my life, or love. I’m also very observant so a lot of people think I’m shy, but I’m really just taking mental notes. As far as my music goes, I’d describe it as simple yet has a vibe that distinguishes myself from other artists.

Use only seven words to describe your self-titled EP album.
Fresh, organic, soulful, unique, relate-able, simple, sweet

What was the greatest challenge you had when making the EP album?
I second-guessed a couple of the songs I put onto the EP because I wasn’t sure how people would receive it. This was my first project and I’m a huge perfectionist, so I had to really get out of my own way and let everything take its course which it eventually did.

Let’s talk about the music video for Well Wishes. What was that experience like for you? Where was it filmed?
It was my first music video, but an awesome experience. My college friend, Maurice Harris, has his own company called Soxbox Productions so working with someone familiar made the whole experience extremely smooth and easy going. He really understood the vision. Everything was actually shot at my moms house. So my bedroom, my old car, her living room. I wanted it to be as natural and organic as possible. We were able to get it all shot in a couple of days.

If you could pick any person, living or dead, who would like to have a sweet escape with and where would you go?
It’d have to be between my two favorites, Lauryn Hill and Amy Winehouse. I love being around water so if we could go to a beach or an isolated island somewhere, I’d literally just listen to them talk the entire time. I’ve gained so much knowledge through their music.

Has your intuition honestly never led you anywhere wrong?
99.9% of the time, I’d say it hasn’t. I’m big on being in tune with myself and in tune with my surroundings so I pay attention and pick up on certain things that make my decision making a little easier.

Gabrielle B at Ordinary People Lounge - Provided Photo
What are some of your favorite places to perform or listen to live music in Oklahoma?
I recently just performed at the OP Lounge. If I could perform there every night I would. I love the relaxed atmosphere and coming up on new local talent I’ve never heard before is always refreshing.

Give us a list of five wonderful things.
1. Life
2. Love
3. Music
4. Food
5. Books

What else would you like people to know about yourself and your music?
Music has always been a big part of my life. It’s helped me through a lot of situations that I may not have been able to express at the time, but I find that one song that perfectly describes what I’m going through and I feel less alone. I want people to get that same feeling when listening to my music. I’m definitely becoming more of an open book and I hope people can appreciate that.

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  1. brittany says:

    Gabrielle B is the most amazing, organic artist I’ve heard in a LONG time. Every song has meaning and smoothly flows into the next. Cant wait to see her growth as an artist. 🙂