Have You Heard? by The Big News

Have you heard the big news? The Big News has released their album, Have You Heard? To talk about this big news, I have a big Creator Conversation interview with the band to talk about their music, their challenges faced, epic ways to quit one’s job, how they feel about Tuesdays, and more. Speaking in this interview is Jacob Niceley (Guitar, Vocals), Logan Pierce (Bass), Daniel Lewis (Trombone), and Jon Michael Jackson (Drums).

How would you describe the music of The Big News?
JACOB: One could describe it as punk rock with horns or ska infused with early 90’s punk, right now we are simply referring to our sound as “SKA ROCK”

JON: Ska Rock! … or Ska Punk is the more regularly used term….

LOGAN: Ska-punk that reaches into punk, two-tone, jazz, and surf.

DANIEL: Our music is a great collaboration of musicians from very diverse backgrounds, that comes together in a nice, neat, energetic way. Our different parts feed off of each other. Some say we are reminiscent of the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, or 90’s ska in general, and that may be true to some degree, but I think our music is a purely original melting pot of ideas.

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How did you come up with the name, The Big News?
JACOB: After a brief time as Five Star Gravy, a name change was necessary and after weeks of discussion, The Big News was decided. It was voted on and voted in. This is around December 2014.

LOGAN: We were trying to come up with a name that wouldn’t get old or annoying that just fit. This one clicked and also it just sounds like a ska band.

Use only seven words to describe your album, Have You Heard?
JACOB: Loud, Nasty, Classy, Drunk, Complex, Simplistic, Fun.

JON: Different, energetic, articulate, eager, loud, and fun.

LOGAN: Fun raw high energy ska-punk for you.

DANIEL: Energetic, catchy, fun, relatable, enthusiastic, cohesive, diverse

What was the greatest challenge you had when making the album?
JACOB: Time. We began recording the album Jan’ 1st 2016 and had originally booked two 8 hour sessions. Eight hours on the 1st and 8 hours on the 2nd. We had to go ahead and book another session for the 3rd as well and we are so happy we did, because everything turned out brilliantly. Thanks so much to Colten for recording us!

JON: Time… it always is.

LOGAN: EQ levels and mastering

DANIEL: Finding the time to get us all in a room together, and getting us all to agree on the editing and fine tuning that needed to be done to complete the recordings.

What would be an epic manner to quit one’s job?
JACOB: Epic can be good or bad for the quitter so if you mean the most beneficial for said quitter, while also providing an excellent narrative for said quitting operation, here is my advice: If you hate your boss get them when it hurts. Wait for a busy day, important day, corporate day, whatever, and stick it to them then. You’re not going back right? Then who cares?

Best friend of ours was a dishwasher, he worked for a 5-star restaurant and they were going to feed them and then work deep into the night, as it was their annual new years eve party. Everyone walks into the dining hall, preparing to eat before a long and brutal shift. Our friend on the other takes off running down the road gets in his car and speeds away with everyone in his rearview coming out after him, realizing they have no dishwasher.

JON: Walking out when you’re the only one scheduled with corporate visiting tomorrow morning and your boss is forced to come in and do everything, and they have no idea how to do your job.

LOGAN: Quitting while seeing your boss at your show.

DANIEL: The way Logan almost did. Go ape shit and threaten to physically harm your boss. Although he ended up keeping his job after that.

How do you feel about Tuesdays?
JACOB: Tuesdays are worse than Mondays, but not as bad as Sundays

JON: Better than Mondays. I can usually find a good bargain on tacos this day.

LOGAN: Tuesdays are grueling work days for me so I don’t like them much either.

DANIEL: They can be shitty. At least you can buy liquor.

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What have been some of your favorite places/events to perform or experience music in Oklahoma?
JACOB: The Red Brick Bar in Norman is one of our all time favs and they have helped us out a lot so we forever love mark and bonnie at Red Brick. But Recently we played The Deli in Norman and it was one of our best shows so far. The Plaza Fest was awesome, Norman Music Fest was fantastic, the Vanguard in Tulsa, the Bluenote, 89th ST Collective, The Fur Shop, the Root, it’s so hard to pick favs cuz Oklahoma is lucky in that there are tons of extremely cool places to play all over the place!

JON: I love Norman Music Festival, The Deli, The Blue Note (thanks Tony for awesome sound!), The Fur Shop, and The Vanguard. There’s too many places to name. I also love 89th Street Collective for letting us open for The Toasters and The Interrupters.

LOGAN: Red Brick, Norman Music Festival, Vanguard, the Deli.

DANIEL: The Paseo Arts Festival, we loved it and they loved us. The Red Brick Bar in Norman, they have always been good to us, and they always have some of the most amazing artists come through.

What’s going to be the name of your next album?
JACOB: We are still neck deep on working on our next album. We’re hoping to spend more time on this one, recording from Nov ’16 – Jan ’17. We have many names up in the air but as of now our prototype is called “Friends Kiss 2.”

JON: I hope something clever…. I think they aid something about friends and PDA.

LOGAN: IDK what we will call the next album.

DANIEL: Friends Kiss Too. It will feature us on the front riding on a giant unicorn, with The Bass God (Logan) descending from the heavens and blessing us with the head of his divine bass guitar.

What is the big news anyway?
[pullquote-right]”The big news is that we are all weird. You’re not cool and neither am I. We are the weird kids table and its free entry to the freak club.”[/pullquote-right]JACOB: The big news is that we are all weird. You’re not cool and neither am I. We are the weird kids table and its free entry to the freak club. We’ve got nothing to hide and nothing to prove.

JON:These other five guys. Seriously, have you heard them play. A – mazing.

LOGAN: The Big News is an unstoppable music force.

DANIEL: The big news is everything and everyone, everywhere, all the time.

What else do you want people to know about yourselves?
JACOB: It should be known that we are 6 hard working guys trying to make this happen full time. We have full time jobs, families, and outside obligations that we have to take care of while also playing shows at home and abroad every weekend. since summer started we’ve been playing shows during the week as well, while also trying to keep up on practice and perfecting material for the next record. This is what we love to do and we are willing to work as hard as it takes to make this our full time careers.

JON: We just want to have fun and make new friends.

LOGAN: I’m not as mean as I seem and I like video games.

DANIEL: We like to get drunk and eat pizza. And we live in constant fear of the Goatfish.

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