I personally enjoy listening to podcasts on long trips because they keep me more awake and alert than music for long stretches of driving. Whether you like to listen to podcasts when working, cleaning, shopping, or whenever, I’ve rounded-up several Oklahoma Podcasts you should listen to (if you aren’t already). For this list, I’m defining a podcast as exclusively being on the internet and not having any radio air time.

Mostly Harmless Media podcasters - provided photo
We Apologize For The Inconvenience
Also better known as the WAFTI Show, We Apologize For The Inconvenience debuted their first episode in January 2015. Their name is a comes from the book called, “So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish,” which is the fourth installment of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series by the British author Douglas Adams. The WAFTI Show hosts, Stephen Tyler, Aaron Souders, and John Souders, describe the show as, “A serious yet irreverent source for news about the things you want to do. Opinions and ideas for the urban adventurer.” The group has gone on to form Mostly Harmless Media.

The Bubble logo
The Bubble
Often described as the female version of the WAFTI Show, The Bubble’s all-female hosts started the podcast in February 2016. The Bubble stars Amy, Stephanie, and Rachael as three ladies navigate life and love in Oklahoma City.

Want to get to know wonderful professionals of Oklahoma? Intersections, hosted and produced by Brett Dickerson, is a podcast where he explores the ways that people have made decisions and taken actions when many choices were available. Brett himself is an independent journalist and news photographer, with work published work in Red Dirt Report and the Oklahoma Gazette.

Chicks with Flicks logo
Chicks with Flicks
Chicks with Flicks is an awesome podcast featuring awesome ladies talk about allegedly awesome guy movies. The podcast started in August 2015 and has talked about movies such as Mad Max, Watchmen, Street Fighter, Beverly Hills Cop, and more. If you like chicks and you like flicks, give them a listen, but be warned, they do contain spoilers.

The Okie Show Show logo
Okie Show Show
The Okie Show Show is a comedy(ish) podcast on navigating Oklahoma film and music. Their first episode, which aired in November 2015, featured filmmakers of sci-fi thriller, Electric Nostalgia, to talk about ultra-low budget filmmaking. Hosted by Brian Gililland, the Okie Show Show interviews local industry workers and artists and then forces them to play some improv games.

Okie Geek Podcast logo
The Okie Geek Podcast
The Okie Geek Podcast is a weekly podcast by Oklahoman for Oklahomans. The podcast stars Michael Cross, Devon Green, Joshua Unruh, and Nikki Robinson. The goal of the podcast is to promote and grow the geek/nerd fandom presence in Oklahoma by making people aware of all the fun stuff going on.

GoodTrash Media logo
GoodTrash Media
GoodTrash Media is technically a collection of movie podcasts. The flagship podcast of GoodTrash Media is about bringing film studies to popcorn films. To better describe their mission, I’m going to bring up their name, GoodTrash Media. The name is derived from the Pauline Kael quote, “Movies are so rarely great art that if we cannot appreciate great trash we have very little reason to be interested in them…Trash has given us an appetite for art.”

Blog Oklahoma Podcast logo
Blog Oklahoma Podcast
Starting back in 2008, Blog Oklahoma Podcast is a podcast to encourage Oklahomans to blog about Oklahoma life, news, and more.

Graphomania Podcasts
Another collective network of podcasts based in Oklahoma City, Graphomania, has podcasts on Comics, Hamilton, Creativity, and Tabletop RPGs. In Hancock Creative, Shawn and Missy Hancock reflect on and illustrate the infinite value and purpose of pursuing the creative life. In Hamilton the Podcast, Robbie Hurlocker and Vinton Bayne as they discuss Hamilton, a hip-hop musical based on the life and times of the first treasury secretary of America. Botch Cast is their tabletop roleplaying game podcast. Read Brave Comics is all about comics.

Grounded Sounds logo
Grounded Sounds
The newest podcast on this list, Grounded Sounds, is where local music meets local business. The podcast is hosted by Jenn Maynord from Cellar Door Music Group and Able Blakley from Savory Spice.

While not made in Oklahoma, here some other non-NPR podcasts worth checking out:

WellAttended – A weekly show where they chat with successful event producers to learn how to promote events and increase revenue. They have featured people in Oklahoma, like OKC Improv.

Welcome to Night Vale – A twice-monthly podcast in the style of community updates for the small desert town of Night Vale, featuring local weather, news, announcements from the Sheriff’s Secret Police, mysterious lights in the night sky, dark hooded figures with unknowable powers, and cultural events.

Alice Isn’t Dead – A truck driver searches across America for the wife she had long assumed was dead. In the course of her search, she will encounter not-quite-human serial murderers, towns literally lost in time, and a conspiracy that goes way beyond one missing woman.

What is your favorite Oklahoma podcast? Anyone on this list you feel should be next time? Leave a comment below and feel free reference this article when preparing for your next adventure.

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  1. http://commonroomradio.com/category/roll-for-topic/

    Adding to the “nerds who podcast in Oklahoma” subcategory. Segmented round table discussion amongst three friends who are told what to talk about by a random table of their own design.

  2. JC says:

    You should check out the Animation Station Podcast. It’s a podcast that deals with all things animation. They discuss movies, series, and web shows. They have also had a variety of voice actors, creators, and industry guests on the show. All of their shows are on iTunes, Stitcher, and http://www.animationstationpodcast.com