777 Zip and Travertine Creek photos

Guests enjoy the Turner Falls Zipline - photo by Dennis Spielman
On Labor Day with friends and family, we took a road trip to Davis and Sulphur. One was of the new things to do in Oklahoma we stopped to check out was the Turner Falls Zipline, also known as 777 Zip. The zip line is 777 feet long, and gives a view Oklahoma’s largest 77-foot tall waterfall, just off Highway 77.

Turner Falls Zipline - photo by Dennis Spielman
Two guests at a time are secured by a monitored seatbelt restraint system before being hoisted in reverse to their viewpoint 777 feet away, which is a 130-foot tower on the mountain above Collings Castle. From there, you’ll get to a unique and spectacular view of Turner Falls for a moment before getting released 777 feet line to the landing zone.

People line up to ride the Turner Falls Zipline - photo by Dennis Spielman
As it was Labor Day, there was a line to get on zipline. Tickets can be purchased in the Curio Shop along with cold drinks, snacks, and souvenirs.

Turner Falls Zipline - photo by Dennis Spielman

Turner Falls Zipline - photo by Dennis Spielman
For more information on 777 Zip, such as price and limitations, visit turnerfallszip.com

Chickasaw National Recreation Area - photo by Dennis Spielman
The main activity we did was hike in the Chickasaw National Recreation Area. We visit the Travertine Creek and Travertine Nature Center area. There’s a 1.5-mile trail along Travertine Creek, along with a Nature Center, and picnic areas. The Travertine Nature Center serves as the park’s main educational center offering exhibits and dioramas of animals native to the area as well as an interactive learning area and ranger-led nature programs. The Nature Center also houses an information desk, gift shop, and auditorium. We hiked around to Antelope and Buffalo Springs and saw a rattlesnake, armadillo, and fogs.

Chickasaw National Recreation Area - photo by Dennis Spielman

When you’re out exploring Oklahoma, use the #UncoveringOklahoma hashtag on Instagram and Twitter. From time to time, I’ll do a photo round-up to share what other people have uncovered in Oklahoma.

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