Welcome to Pumpkinville sign - photo by Dennis Spielman
The fifth annual Pumpkinville in Myriad Botanical Gardens’ Children’s Garden opened on October 7, bringing families a magical treat to Oklahoma City. Here are five photos to highlight and explain the special magic of Pumpinville and why you should go.

Pumpkinville path to wood house - photo by Dennis Spielman

1. Fariy Tales are Alive

The Myriad Gardens does a wonderful job bringing various woodland fairy tales to life. Every aspect of the Children’s Garden has been transformed for the fall. It’s suprising how much there is to see packed into the area.

A photo op at Pumpkinville - photo by Dennis Spielman

2. Tons of Photo Ops

Pumpinville contains a ton of staged photo opportunities in addation to the overall photogenic nature of the gardens. There’s even a spot outside Pumpkinville for taking pictures with your pets! If you haven’t taken family photos for the fall yet, Pumpkinville is a place to do it. Be sure to tag your photos on social media using #PumpkinvilleOKC.

Display of Pumpkins at Pumpinville - photo by Dennis Spielman

3. It’s Educational

One of the missions of the Myriad Gardens is to educate people. There are signs and photos with fun fall and gardening facts throughout. You’ll learn something new here for sure.

Tallest Tower at Pumpkinville - photo by Dennis Spielman

4. Plenty of Activities

Before planning a visit, check the calendar of events for activities such as the train ride. Climb aboard the Bricktown Holiday Inn Express Train for a ride on a train around the fantastically fall Gardens each Saturday and Sunday from 12-4pm. Cost is $1 per rider while ages 3 and under are free. Another activity is storytime where you can curl up on Grandmother’s Porch to hear spooky, mysterious, and even funny stories each Saturday during Pumpkinville.

Pumpkins for Sale at Pumpkinville - photo by Dennis Spielman

5. Pumpkins Galore

Stop by the Garden’s Pumpkin Patch to purchase your pumpkins for your porch display. There’s even an area for painting the pumpkins.

Pumpkinville will run from October 7-23 from 10am-5pm. Free for Myriad Botanical Gardens members and children 3 and under. Admission for non-members is $6.

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