Packer Land, the new exhibition by artist Michael Litzau, is quite the compendium: Japanese and Oklahoma landscapes made in craft materials using the colors green and yellow in homage to the Green Bay Packers. Packer Land opened at The Project Box, 3003 Paseo, Oklahoma City, on Friday, October 7 and runs through October 29.

At the end of October, The Project Box will be closing its doors. Celebrate the art madness with Lisa Jean Allswede and the Project Box one last time on Thursday, October 27 at 5 PM – 8 PM for the closing reception.

The Artist Statement Minute Series gives artists with exhibitions or public art displays about a minute to talk about their work currently on display. If you’re interested in being featured or sponsoring the series, contact Dennis Spielman. Guests featured do not pay and so if you would like to support the show, become a patron.

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