This new Oklahoma music video round-up features Horse Thief, Sensitiv Southside Boy, and Sugar Free Allstars. This time around, I got each of the bands to say a few words about their new music videos.

“Another Youth” by Horse Thief
“While deciding what the video should be about for ‘Another Youth’ and most of our music videos, we left a lot of the storyline/idea up to the director, which for this video was Spencer Sakurai . Always feels best to let the person with the visual eye be able to lead the video in the way they hear or see the song in their head. As long as the story fits to some original form or value of the song. When writing the song it was a broad statement of everyone wanting another chance at life. Whether it’s when they are 50 or 25. Maybe they didn’t want to lose a certain love or maybe they didn’t want to do drugs, so many variables for everyone. I just wanted a song to speak to people to believe it’s okay to start again, everyone has that chance, and don’t let anyone tell you it’s too late.”

“Every Passing Moment” by Sensitiv Southside Boy
“For the filming of “Every Passing Moment” we used stock background footage with a green screen and different props. The background footage comes from the European 90’s dance music scene, specifically from various raves at a place in England called Shelley’s, a rave event called “Amnesia House”. We used footage from a few other random clubs too. I thought the footage had a really unique 90’s look with the quality of the vintage VHS-like quality of the footage and the fashion. It’s amazing how many hours of that kind of video is available from that time period in dance music. We shot the video at The Womb in downtown OKC. George Salisbury, who works for The Flaming Lips, shot the video, he has previously shot videos for some of my other bands such as Sex Snobs and CHUD. He does most of The Flaming Lips videos and has worked with BRONCHO, Horse Theif, and many, many more. George filmed me singing and dancing to the song with various props in front of a green screen, then took that footage of me and digitally implemented the background footage of people dancing behind me. The video came together very quickly, he called me asking me to come up and do some test footage, then on the spot we just decided to shoot it. We filmed it in about 45 minutes, he edited it within a couple of hours, then we put it up the next day. Overall it was an awesome experience as it always is working with George and his crew. DJ Tom Hudson helped out, as well as my friend Adam Lepak.”

“Grumpopotamus (and the Crankosaurus Rex)” by Sugar Free Allstars
“For our “Grumpopotamus (and the Crankosaurus Rex)” video we worked with the amazing team of Nathan Poppe and Travis Tindell again, who also did our “Monster Truck” video. The tune is about different scenarios where two people are in a bad mood, so when Nathan came up with the idea of the characters in each verse turning into these funny creatures when they got upset we thought it was hilarious, and he found some really funny costumes which totally make the video. We shot it over two days at just a couple of locations and were fortunate to have an amazing cast, including KFOR’s Lucas Ross and a quick video cameo by Genevieve Goings of Disney Jr’s Choo Choo Soul.”

If you have an Oklahoma band music video shot here in the state and would like it featured on my music video round-up, contact me. Also a thank you shout out to Nathan Poppe for his help with this article!

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