Shopping Guide to The Paseo Arts District

With the upcoming holiday shopping season and the release of my movie, District Up!, I’m publishing a series of gift guide articles on district shopping. This shopping guide on the Paseo Arts District was written for those looking for special gifts, who don’t want to deal with the malls, and have suggestions for multiple ideas within an area. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind piece of art for someone, the Paseo is the place to do it with the magnitude of galleries within walking distance. However, the Paseo does have its share of retail offerings.

Paseo Shopping at Prairie Gypsies - photo by Dennis Spielman

411 NW 30th Steet, Oklahoma City
Personally, I enjoy sending gifts of Oklahoma food to my family out of state because everyone loves food and I don’t have to worry about them buying something they can’t get for themselves. Pictured from the Prairie Gypsies are some of their most popular items, like their Prairie Fire Jam, Parmesan Gypsy sald dressing, and peanut butter.

Paseo Shopping at Prairie Arts Collective - photo by Dennis Spielman

3018 Paseo, Oklahoma City
The Pairie Arts Collective most noteable highlight is their stained glass art. Shawn Patterson has over thirty years of high-level stained glass art experience as well as an eye for colorful unusual fashions in the Prairie Arts women’s fashion store.

Paseo Shopping at Literati Press - photo by Dennis Spielman

3010 Paseo, Oklahoma City
Literati Press is an ambitious, subculture publishing company to herald innovative storytellers and strengthen the region’s literary and comics community. They have a curated book shop in The Paseo Plunge for those looking for recommendations on books and comics they may not find or hear about elsewhere, like How To Control Gravity And Other Stories.

Paseo Shopping at Kathy's On Paseo - photo by Dennis Spielman

2909 Paseo, Oklahoma City
Kathy’s On Paseo is one of Oklahoma City’s largest ladies boutiques. Kathy’s has unique apparel, gifts, purses like the ones pictures above, and accessories including handmade designer jewelry by local and international artists.

Paseo Shopping at Craig's Curious Emporium - photo by Dennis Spielman

3004 Paseo, Oklahoma City
For an mix of unique and unusual gifts from around the world, Craig’s Curious Emporium is the place to visit. It’s hard for me to find one word other than “eclectic” to describe Craig’s curiosities. Pictured above is a small selection of their jewlery and crystals.

Paseo Shopping at Besty King - photo by Dennis Spielman

3001 Paseo, Oklahoma City
All the shoes are carefully chosen by proprietress Betsy King to reflect the modern women of Oklahoma City. Betsy King Shoes caters to women with a desire for well-made stylish shoes that reflect her personal taste with styles ranging from funky and colorful to chic and sophisticated. Also inside you can find fashion from Jonque Mode. The two ladies put together the above display as a sample of what they have to share.

This is only a sample offering of what can be found at the Paseo. Learn more about the district on the Paseo Arts District page.

For more gift ideas from local retailers, browse the gift guide tag and be sure look at past Creator Conversation interviews for movie, book, music, and game suggestions.

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