With the upcoming holiday shopping season and the release of my movie, District Up!, I’m publishing a series of gift guide articles on district shopping. This shopping guide on the Plaza District was written for those looking for special gifts, who don’t want to deal with the malls, and have suggestions for multiple ideas within an area. The Plaza District is designed for walking around, making it easy to park in one place and hit up various shops and art galleries. Here’s a sample of gift ideas from shops in the Plaza.

Collected Thread - photo by Dennis Spielman

1705A NW 16th Street, Oklahoma City
A handmade boutique where you will find clothing, accessories, baby items, cards, jewelry, and weekends are for waffles. Go Pizza!

Tree and Leaf - photo by Dennis Spielman

1705B NW 16th Street, Oklahoma City
The Tree & Leaf brand is heavily influenced by graffiti, the outdoors, classic graphic design, and pride in their deeply rooted Oklahoma heritage.

DNA Galleries - photo by Dennis Spielman

1709 NW 16th Street, Oklahoma City
DNA Galleries is an artist made store and urban contemporary art gallery in Oklahoma City where 98% of their products are locally sourced. I suggest an “Adulting is Hard” mug.

Bad Granny's - photo by Dennis Spielman

1759 NW 16th Street, Oklahoma City
Bad Granny’s Bazaar has a fun selection of vendors selling vintage, retro, modern hip, and other curious goods. See for yourself how bizarre this bazaar is from this window display.

The Changing Table - photo by Dennis Spielman

1745 A NW 16th Street, Oklahoma City
The Changing Table is the Plaza’s Natural Parenting Shop with cloth diapers, baby carriers, natural skin care, baby gifts, and sustainable toys. I love the fandom baby books.

Folk Life  - photo by Dennis Spielman

1745 NW 16th Street, Oklahoma City
While Folk.Life is mostly known for their Talavera items, the biggest seller for the holiday season are their tree ornaments like these colorful animal ones.

Dig It - photo by Dennis Spielman

1739 NW 16th Street, Oklahoma City
If the person your shopping for digs the nerd, geek, and counter-culture, shop Dig It!

Rally - photo by Dennis Spielman

1745 NW 16th Street, Oklahoma City
Take a look at the Plaza Walls and make your way to Rally in the alley. Rally is collaborative shop owned by Bison Shop, Brass Bird Photography and Egg In A Glass. Check out these clay windchimes.

Reference Point - photo by Dennis Spielman

1745 NW 16th Street, Oklahoma City
Also in the Plaza Walls alley, the Reference Point shop features a thoughtfully edited mix of fine jewelry, nontraditional engagement rings, and unique vanity items from emerging independent designers and artists.

Out on a Limb - photo by Dennis Spielman

1710 NW 16th Street, Oklahoma City
Out on a Limb is a handmade and upcycled boutique focusing on women’s clothing. They also carry locally handmade jewelry, home decor, kid’s items, men’s accessories, and more. Their jewelry is one of their more popular gifts people get there.

RetrOKC - photo by Dennis Spielman

1710 NW 16th Street, Oklahoma City
RetrOKC specializes in mid century, kitsch, vintage, atomic and retro decor for Oklahoma City. They have everything from furniture to simple housewares, like these cocktail shakers.

This is only a sample offering of what can be found in Oklahoma City’s Plaza District. Learn more about the district at plazadistrict.org.

For more gift ideas from local retailers, browse the gift guide tag and be sure look at past Creator Conversation interviews for movie, book, music, and game suggestions.

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