In this Artist Statement Minute, artist, Jack Fowler, talks about his mural, Bricktown Okctopus, on the back of the Chevy Events Center in Oklahoma City’s Bricktown District.

Here’s the list to find all 88 hidden objects in the octopus:

Flower, Gonzo Fist, Peace Fingers, Hawk, Hammer, High-Heeled Shoe, Cowboy Boot, Africa, Heavy Metal Fingers, Abe Lincoln, Bunny Rabbit, Guitar, Fork, Sword Levon Fowler (Artist’s Dog), Cowboy Hat, Baseball Bat, Sunglasses, Alligator, Butterfly, Ballet Dancer, Jf2016, Shamrock, Giraffe, Feather, Tomahawk, Arrowhead, Candle, Longhorn, Horseshoe, Star, Toenail Clippers, Tiger Paw, Bugle, The Number 8, Shark, Whale, Gecko, Wine Glass, Football, Bottle, Airplane, Pickup Truck, Bird, Dinosaur, Book, Paintbrush, Tiger Face, Hand Print, Foot Print, Pine Tree, Fish, 80S Telephone, Cat, Middle Creek Brand (Backwards R Attached To Backwards L), Deer Track, Music Notes, Raindrops, Bug, Saxophone, Pipe, Turkey Track, Boom Box, Acorn, Tooth, Pig, Adidas Sneaker, Chess Knight, Snake, Light Bulb, Check Mark, Eye, Unicorn, Peach, Knife, Key, Umbrella, Elephant, Bear Track, Nose, Scissors, Jellyfish, Ninja, Saw, Kite, Rooster, Domino, and Cactus.

The Artist Statement Minute Series gives artists with exhibitions or public art displays about a minute to talk about their work currently on display. If you’re interested in being featured, contact Dennis Spielman.

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