To help with the gift giving of the holiday shopping season, here’s another gift guide in my series on district shopping. This shopping guide on Oklahoma City’s Midtown district was written for those looking for special gifts, who don’t want to deal with the malls, and have suggestions for multiple ideas within an area. Here’s a sample of gift ideas from shops in Midtown.

Nhu Avenue Boutique - photo by Dennis Spielman

1111 N. Walker Avenue, Oklahoma City
Nhu Avenue Boutique (pronounced “New” after the owner’s late father) is a women’s contemporary apparel store that offers quality classic style at an affordable price. Owner, Lanh Nguyen, said some of their biggest sellers for gifts have been their hats, scrafs, and necklaces as pictured in this display.

Commonplace Books - photo by Dennis Spielman

1120 N. Walker Avenue, Oklahoma City
Commonplace Books is a bookstore “for people who want to lead meaningful, thoughtful lives and a flourishing life of the mind.” If you need a quality recommendation for a book, stop by and see them. The address I listed is for the tempoary location while they finishing building their new home to open in a few months, which will still be in Midtown.

Chirps & Cheers - photo by Dennis Spielman

1112 N. Walker Avenue, Oklahoma City
If you’re searching for cards to give, make a visit to Chirps & Cheers. One of the other areas people love is the pen section, which has been described as “candy shop of pens” because of the a variety of pens in every color.

TRADE Men's Wares - photo by Dennis Spielman

1112 N. Walker Avenue, Oklahoma City
The gentleman who shop at TRADE Men’s Wares value the “ageless and enduring over the trendy and fleeting and is looking for the highest quality merchandise with timeless design.” If you know a guy who fits that description, get him something at TRADE.

The Black Scintilla - photo by Dennis Spielman

1112 N. Walker Avenue, Oklahoma City
The Black Scintilla is all about fitting the body and the budget. They love to promote fellow Oklahoma vendors, as seen in these Oklahoma themed necklaces.

Brown's Bakery - photo by Dennis Spielman

1100 N. Walker Avenue, Oklahoma City
One thing people love to give and get: sweets. Brown’s Bakery maybe famous for their donuts, but they also have cookies and all other kinds of treats.

Mode - photo by Dennis Spielman

1227 N. Walker Avenue, Oklahoma City
For the latest trends in women’s fashion and accessories, Mode brings them to Midtown. You definitely want to follow mode on Instagram for some style inspiration. They’re next door to Hanks Coffee if you need a pick-me-up while shopping.

Fit Circle - photo by Dennis Spielman

1223 N. Walker Avenue, Oklahoma City
For those with an active lifestyle, Fit Circle has clothing and accessories retail store with two locations, one in Midtown and the other in Edmond. Fit Circle’s goal is “to enhance the lives of our customers with the most current trends in fashion, fitness and action sports lifestyle.” Their designer socks and water bottles have been popular as stocking stuffers this season.

Opolis Clothing - photo by Dennis Spielman

1111 N. Hudson, Oklahoma City
Opolis Clothing is known for their vintage OU, OSU, OKC, and local apparel. They love all things sports, all things Oklahoma, and all things vintage. Plus, their tees are Made in the USA and designed and hand printed in Oklahoma.

Uber Station - photo by Dennis Spielman

Midtown has some great places for drinks, like Gigglez Bar and Grill, O Bar, and Bossa Nova to name a few. Be smart and give an Uber gift card, which are good for Uber rides and UberEATS orders. Midtown has a rideshare station next to The Black Scintilla for those waiting for a ride.

This is only a sample offering of what can be found in Midtown. Learn more about the district at

For more gift ideas from local retailers, browse the gift guide tag and be sure look at past Creator Conversation interviews for movie, book, music, and game suggestions.

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