New Shift. New Shows. New Future.

New Shift
Together, we can make Oklahoma Better!
I am Dennis Spielman, the Producer of Uncovering Oklahoma, and today I am presenting my campaign to lift people’s voices with the Uncovering Oklahoma Network. As you know, Uncovering Oklahoma shares stories about adventurous places in the state and interviews with people creating wonderful things. I have been in talks with various people, planning what I want to do in 2017. Now, I am writing to share that I am expanding with the following new shows.

Yes Science (Working Logo)
“Yes, Science!”
This show started with a question: Who is the female version of Bill Nye? This science show will feature a rotating roster of women hosts in academic fields in Oklahoma. Episodes will discuss a topic of science, feature career profiles, and a fun experiment with a special guest (who can be anyone).

“Red State, Blue State”
Led by talented improvisers, this political satire show will have a blend of talk, improv, and sketch as they talk politics in Oklahoma and around the world. The big ambition for this show is to make it Oklahoma’s first multi-camera, studio audience show.

The Shift
I am asking for your contribution in pursuing and growing these projects. I have shifted Uncovering Oklahoma away from an advertiser to a patron system, with some larger movies funded with the help of a grant or sponsor. Basically, I’ve shifted to become more like NPR and PBS. Just compare how Uncovering Oklahoma looks with other sites with their walls of ads. I have never charged anyone for coverage, and I never want to get into any situation where I have to choose between an advertiser or a story.

New episodes and documentaries are in the works for Uncovering Oklahoma along with new videos from Quarter Minutes (a show like the Twilight Zone, but stories are 15-seconds long). However, I need your help to keep everything going.

Become a monthly patron here. Rewards include exclusive coming soon articles, my library of selected uncut Uncovering Oklahoma interviews, watch videos first, and more.

As a patron, you’ll be rewarded with your support, so join in, and let’s make Oklahoma better!

Get Early Access to New Videos and Bonus Content with Your Support!

Dennis Spielman

I'm Dennis Spielman, the Producer of Uncovering Oklahoma, which I started in 2009 as a way to show that Oklahoma isn't boring. As for about myself, I’m a creative person that writes imaginative stories. I also run The Show Starts Now Studios, which is my umbrella organization for all of my shows I create. Come join me on Patreon as I create content that adds adventure and wonder to peoples' lives. More about my stories and projects are at

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