Norman printmaker and visual storyteller Ginna Dowling celebrates language with Inherent Language of Life, a solo exhibition at MAINSITE that asked the community to develop its own language through instinctual symbols. In this Artist Statement Minute, Ginna Dowling shares the story behind her exhibition, how the art was made, and how people can interact with it.

Dowling’s work focuses on the use of symbols, visual references and layers that convey a literal or symbolic story within a body of visual art. She floats and stacks transparent mediums, layers of form, color, light, shadows and reflections on walls, windows, floors, and paper. For Dowling, the transmission of meaning is enhanced with each shadow; depth created and adding context and content not otherwise obtainable in traditional storytelling. Dowling, boasting an MFA in printmaking from the University of Oklahoma, has fostered a lifelong love affair with art through constant exposure through her family.

Inherent Language of Life opened on Friday, February 10 as a part of the 2nd Friday Norman Art Walk, a free celebration of art, creativity and community in Downtown Norman and runs through Friday, March 10.

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