Inside Esca Vitae - photo by Dennis Spielman
The European Bakery, Esca Vitae, did their soft opening on Monday, March 13, 2017. I paid a visit yesterday to the Midtown District’s latest addition. Housed in the space formerly occupied by Prairie Thunder Baking Company, Esca Vitae (which is Latin for “food is life”), currently offers feature artisanal bread, cheeses, coffee, cured meats, desserts, pretzels, and sandwiches.

Cake from Esca Vitae - photo by Dennis Spielman

The Tomato Bread from Esca Vitae - photo by Dennis Spielman

While I was there, I sampled various pieces of bread, all of which were delicious. However, the tomato bread stood out the most as I swear it was like having tomato soup in bread form. Try it!

Wurzelbrot - photo by Dennis Spielman

Pretzels at Esca Vitae - photo by Dennis Spielman

The PretzelBrat at Esca Vitae - photo by Dennis Spielman

With Esca Vitae being a German bakery, there were pretzels and a PretzelBrat, which was a pretzel wrapped bratwurst.

As they are brand new, their selection is currently limited. I spoke with bread aficionado and co-owner, Donald Mills. They are in the process of bringing German bakers there and once they arrive, expect the menu to change.

Hours at this time are Monday to Friday: 6 am to 6 pm and on Saturday from 6 am to 2 pm.

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