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Chiptune artist, Metroyd Myk, speaks with me in this performer question and answer session. They will perform at Abner’s Ale House on Friday, April 28, 2017 at 9:15 pm. Since this is the tenth year for the festival, here are ten questions to get to know Metroyd Myk.

1. To get people to know you, how would you describe yourself and your music?
Myself? A nerd, through and through. I’ve owned it most of my life I love everything from video games, comic books, dungeons and dragons, kung fu movies. All of it. My music? Chiptune. Chiptune is music made using old video game sound chips. My specialty being the Gameboy.

2. What song would you like a person who hasn’t heard your music listen to first?
If you want to get to the heart of Metroyd Myk look no further than Heart of the Juggernaut.

3. What’s your songwriting process?
Make a story to write music to. Then write what I see in the scene

4. What are your thoughts on the Norman Music Festival?
I love Oklahoma, I’m happy we can get some music festivals and show people how amazing our art scene is.

5. In general, what inspires you?
Video games, mythology, comic books, life events.

6. You’ve just been offered an all expenses paid trip. Where would you go?
Japan, I would love to play a fun show in Tokyo.

7. Any plans while you’re in the Norman area?
Meet as many musicians as I can.

8. Anything else you want the public to know about you?
#listentometroydmyk it’s very simple. I like to touch the nostalgia of the Nintendo era of sound. Tap into everyone’s inner nerd. Have fun. You find that at

9. What do you think should be the Ninth Wonder of the World?
Chiptune shows. There is nothing else like them.

10. What was the most extreme adventure you’ve had?
Traveling to Maryland for MAGfest. It’s not extreme but it was mind boggling how amazing it was.

The tenth Norman Music Festival is on April 27, 28, and 29, 2017. Read more interviews from performers in the festival, present and past, here.

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