This week’s Creator Conversation is all about finding new things to do with the free iOS and Android app, Cityscope. Apps and games are not something I get to regularly feature so I’m glad to have Michael Hale talk about Cityscope.

What is the Cityscope app and what can people do with it?
Cityscope is a free local event guide app that helps people explore their city. On the other hand, it is an event promotion and management application for event promoters. Event promoters can list their events for free, sell tickets without a fee, and engage their attendees through the spotlight function.

How did the app come to life?
When I moved to Oklahoma City two years ago I found that there was a lot to do, but the information was spread out across several different sources. I wanted to create a simple and user-friendly place where people could easily find all the relevant information about what Oklahoma City has to offer.

What was the greatest challenge you had when making the app?
I committed to the idea just a few weeks before I began medical school, so balancing the two definitely took the help of a small village. The thing that challenged me most personally was switching from a learning mindset, to a creative one in an industry I knew nothing about.

What can people expect in future updates?
We plan to implement more social functions such as messages boards and group invitations. This will make Cityscope a great tool for private events such as birthday parties. Live time streaming of events is also on the horizon.

What are some of your personal favorite things to do in Oklahoma?
The mountain biking is pretty great here!

Anything else you want to share?
I think what makes Cityscope different is that our model provides value to both sides of local tourism, users & event promoters. By making Cityscope useful and accessible for both, we hope to truly connect people to their city.

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