This weekend, take a road trip tour seeing some of Oklahoma City’s best murals! Oklahoma City is on a cultural rise with its public art scene. This map will lead you to over 30 amazing outdoor murals in the city. Follow along with this custom Google Maps guide for a recommended travel route.

Below, I go into details about the stops, where to find the murals, along with some information, pictures, and videos (but hopefully not too much to ruin the trip). For the purpose of this trail, all murals are located outdoors in public spaces.

Plaza Walls - photo by Dennis Spielman

1. The Plaza District

1739 NW 16th Street, Oklahoma City
We’re going to start this road trip with the highest concentration of murals, the Plaza District. The Plaza District has about a couple dozen different murals and they regularly change out. It’s best to park and walk around. Explore the alley between Dig It and Lyric Theatre to see the Plaza Walls. There’s even murals inside some of the businsses, like Empire Slice House.

2. McKinley Park

1300 N. McKinley Avenue, Oklahoma City
Plains Pioneers by Amanda Zoey Weathers and Tessa Raven is located on the west wall of the McKinley Park Community Center.

3. Abraham’s Bail Bonds

1221 N. Classen, Oklahoma City
Located on the north wall of Abraham’s Bail Bonds, this mural was created by Yatika Starr Fields.

4. The Paramount Building

701 W. Sheridan Avenue, Oklahoma City
The Paramount Building has two murals, one located on the west and other on the east side of the building. The westside mural of Thunder player, Steven Adams, was done by Graham Hoete. He also painted the mural on the other side featuring images of jazz guitarist Charlie Christian, actress Joan Crawford, and songwriter/performer Woody Guthrie.

5. Wheeler District

1701 S. Western Avenue, Oklahoma City
WINDWALL by Erin Cooper is located on the by the Wheeler Ferris Wheel north of the restrooms.

Mural by Jeremiah Lovato - photo by Dennis Spielman

6. Hunter’s Battery Warehouse

514 SW 25th Street, Oklahoma City
Find this religious and hispanic cultural mural by Jeremiah Lovato on the by the east wall of Hunter’s Battery Warehouse.

OKC Climb Up Mural by Rick Sinnett

7. Climb Up Gym

200 SE 4th Street, Oklahoma City
Hard to miss the largest mural in Oklahoma City done by Rick Sinnett! Located on the by the north wall of the Climb Up Gym, you can actually climb on this mural.

8. West Reno Avenue Underpass

West Reno Avenue by South EK Gaylord, Oklahoma City
Jason Pawley’s Cultivation mural can be found throughout the underpass of West Reno Avenue next to South EK Gaylord.

9. Chevy Events Center

429 E. California Ave, Oklahoma City
Jack Fowler’s Bricktown Okctopus can be found behind the Chevy Events Center, on the north side of the building. Here’s a list of all 88 hidden objects to find.

10. East Sharidan Underpass

East Sharidan by South EK Gaylord, Oklahoma City
As you’ll leave Bricktown, underpass of East Sharidan next to South EK Gaylord has two different murals.

The 9th Street Braid - photo by Dennis Spielman

11. 9th Street

2 NW 9th Street, Oklahoma City
Located on the east wall, across the street from Shop Good, Sara Sara Cupcakes, and Iguana.

12. Bleu Garten

301 NW 10th Street, Oklahoma City
The food truck park, Bleu Garten, has murals on their north and east walls, on the northeast corner.

Greetings from OKC Mural - photo by Dennis Spielman

13. Maples Barbecue

318 NW 11th Street, Oklahoma City
Take a walk from Bleu Garten, heading north to Maples Barbecue. Around the building next to it, there are several murals, including “Greetings from OKC” by the Greetings Tour.

14. Studio 7 Dance

520 NW 23rd Street, Oklahoma City
Roam by Chaney Shores is located on the east wall of Studio 7 Dance.

15. The Pump Bar

2425 N. Walker Avenue, Oklahoma City
This Uptown 23rd District inspired mural is located on a north facing wall next to The Pump Bar.

16. Western Avnue

Western Avenue, Oklahoma City
To end the tour, take a drive along the Western Avenue District to see several murals along the street. The first one, Contact Light, is located on the south wall at 3704 N. Western Avenue. Drive north to 7204 N. Western Ave for the last mural, Wilderness on Western, on the south wall.

For details behind some of the murals, check out the Oklahoma City Mural Guide. Leave a comment sharing your favorite mural. Oklahoma City’s mural scene is exploding and more murals mean another tour guide.

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