Sneak Peek of Stone Sisters Pizza Bar - photo by Dennis Spielman

While I was driving along Broadway in Oklahoma City on my way for a story, I stumbled upon the upcoming Stone Sisters Pizza Bar where I met with one of the owners, Traci. Traci gave me a sneak at her and her sisters’ new pizza place.

Preparing a pizza at Stone Sisters Pizza Bar - photo by Dennis Spielman

In addition to having organic and local as possible ingredients for their pizzas, one of their pizza dough options is sprouted spelt flour. Sprouted Spelt digests as a vegetable carbohydrate and not a bread carbohydrate, making it easier for some to digest. Through sprouting, vitamin C is produced and others such as B2, B5, E, K, and Beta-Carotene are increased.

Stone Sisters Pizza Bar - photo by Dennis Spielman

Besides pizza, Stone Sisters Pizza Bar plans to have soups, lasagnas, beer, cold brew coffee, wine, kombucha (fermented tea), and mimosas.

The Decor at Stone Sisters Pizza Bar - photo by Dennis Spielman

I would describe the decor as a fun retro mix. I can’t pick a particular decade as there is a bit of everything from Elvis, to flower power themes, and a touch of modern with the lighting.

The soft opening is scheduled for Monday, May 8th. For more information, visit and their Facebook page.

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