Last week I met Mery McNett and Nick Lillard at their art exhibit opening at Individual Artists of Oklahoma (IAO Gallery). While both of their exhibitions are different, they share a similar passion for including lights with their work. Listen to both of them talk about their work in this 2-for-1 Artist Statement Minute.

Mery McNett - photo by Dennis Spielman

“Medulla” by Mery McNett is meant to create an environment reminiscent of being inside of a human brain, exploring the biological and physiological components of the brain. The mystery and biology of the brain; How are memories stored and retrieved? What exactly are emotions, intelligence, and imagination? How do neurons store information? What is consciousness? This is achieved through the imagery, performance, music, sculpture, and lights.

Nick Lillard's sculpture at IAO Gallery - photo by Dennis Spielman

Nick Lillard asks, “What needs to be fixed?” This is a question Nick asks, not only about his work and tools, but with life in general. Nick transforms what some would call “trash.” He lets the tactile and functional qualities of objects morph into a human and/or animal personality. Nick uses his background in welding and sculpture to bring this recycled material new life as an object that exudes light and warmth. You’ve never seen a lamp like this before.

The closing reception for both shows is July 14, 2017. See them at the IAO Gallery in Oklahoma City’s Film Row District.

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