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Factory Obscura is an Oklahoma City-based art collective working to create a fully-immersive, experiential art installation that challenges the participant to physically explore the full-sensory environment, similar to Meow Wolf in Santa Fe. Factory Obscura has announced plans for the group’s inaugural art installation in Oklahoma City this fall with SHIFT at Current Studio opening on Thursday, November 9.

“This may be the most ambitious work of art that Oklahoma City has ever seen.”“When you take into account the collaborative element of pairing more than a dozen different artists and styles together, as well as the fully-immersive nature of this experience, this may be the most ambitious work of art that Oklahoma City has ever seen,” said Laura Massenat, co-founder of Factory Obscura.

Factory Obscura formed earlier this year to produce large-scale installations that require new forms of audience engagement. SHIFT will be the group’s first installation.

Spurred by the desire to cause a shift in thinking, and inspired by like-minded collective Meow Wolf in Santa Fe, Factory Obscura plans to launch a long-term vision for growth when SHIFT opens to the public. This installation will be the first leading the collective toward a permanent location in Oklahoma City.

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Factory Obscura leadership includes Laura Massenat, Laurent Massenat, Thomas Thompson, Tammy Greenman, Hugh Meade and Chris Kavanaugh.

Project artists include Denise Duong, Nicole Emmons-Willis, Nima Ferdosi, Klair Larason, Erin Latham, Nick Lillard, Leigh Martin, Tiffany McKnight, Mandy Messina, Joe Slack, Cassie Stover, and David Webber.

“Current Studio is an experimental art space focused on creating new art experiences for audiences and providing a venue for full artistic expression,” said Kelsey Karper, co-founder of Current Studio. “SHIFT from Factory Obscura fits perfectly within our mission, and we are proud to be incubating this exciting and ambitious project.”

On Saturday, November 4, a Midnight Dinner preview party at a top-secret location will be held, offering many surprises. To purchase tickets for the dinner, click here. Ticket sales from the dinner will allow artists to be paid fairly for their work, and keep the SHIFT exhibition free and open to the public through the duration of its run at Current Studio, located at 1218 N. Pennsylvania, Oklahoma City, OK 73017.

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