Art’s Not Trendy! Here’s the teaser trailer for my upcoming feature length documentary, Inviting Art. Presented by Downtown OKC Inc, the film explores the impact of the arts in Oklahoma City, showcases examples of art in the city, and shares advice from artists in a story that I hope inspires and invites more art.

The completed cut of the movie stands at about 70-minutes long. It’s in the process of being reviewed by those involved for feedback and approval. Things may get added and things may be cut before the final release, which I’m aiming for an August release.

If you want to watch the preview, I’ve shared it on my Patreon page for all of my supporters. Plus, if you become a patron now and you’re still one when I release the film, I’ll include your name in the credits!

Updates to come! I hope you enjoyed this teaser trailer.

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Dennis Spielman

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