Many drivers along I-35 in Oklahoma City have seen a strange, crooked building and wondered what it was. People have guessed everything from a daycare to an art gallery, a contractor’s revenge, an insurance agency, to just someone’s house.

The answer: a seafood restaurant called Poe Bouyz House.

Poe Bouyz House - photo by Dennis Spielman

The owner and builder, Tony Howard, started construction back in April 2015. Poe Bouyz House has been a passion project for him, working on it bit by bit whenever he had extra time and money to invest. He’s taken his time with the restaurant so when it opens, he won’t have a huge debt to some bank and be worrying about his bottom line.

Poe Bouyz House - photo by Dennis Spielman

My original guess of the building being an art gallery wasn’t far off. During my one-on-one tour with Tony, he shared details of a Vegasstyle decor complete with a 3D underwater painting on the floor, a VIP area upstairs, and a bar surrounded by a waterfall. Poe Bouyz House also features a rooftop waterfall, which to both of our knowledge, is the only waterfall on a roof in the state and perhaps the country. He said people have thought the building sprung a leak when he turns on his waterfall.

For more details about Poe Bouyz House, including the story behind the theme and the food offerings, watch the sneak peek video tour.

UPDATE AUGUST 21, 2019: They are now in a soft open phase! They’re still working a few things out just like any new business, but you can check out my updated story here to find out more about them.

UPDATE JULY 12, 2019: They are in the home stretch. They passed fire and health inspections. When I visited Tony today, they were working on the parking lot, which is the last major element they need to finish in order to get approved for their final inspection. They are putting the finishing touches on the inside, including a waterfall for the bar and a floor mural. Tony said they plan to be open within a month if all goes well. The next update I’ll share will involve a video interview announcing their grand opening. We’ll do that interview when they’re ready.

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    I most definitely will be trying it out

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    Tony is a BOSS!

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    Awesome!!! Can’t wait to try it out!

  4. Lawrence Penney says:

    I don’t want to be a Debbie downer .but if we as minority people use other minority people contractors to do our (electrical work)we can and will help to bring up our community!

  5. Anxious to try out the restaurant, but more excited to the decor.

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    I promise his PO’boy is the truth… i really miss his food truck

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    When is the anticipated date for this to open!!! I want to go!

  8. Is it handicap accessible?

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    Has this opened yet?

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    Opening date yet ?

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    Dennis Spielman,is there a menu as of yet,interested in what all he will serve

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    I have been there 3 times to eat they have great food excellent service very nice place to eat highly recommend going there to eat
    dennis newton