Deana Haines, owner of dOugh M G - photo by Dennis Spielman
If you’re like me and enjoy eating raw cookie dough (even if you’re not supposed to), then you’ll want to know about the safe to eat cookie dough food truck, dOugh M G. This Food Truck Q&A, Deana Haines talks about what they serve, the story behind the food truck, what people can expect, and more.

What do you serve at dOugh M G?
At dOugh M G we serve several options of safe to eat made from scratch cookie dOugh. We have our six staple flavors that are always on our truck and we do a special flavor for each event that we attend. The special flavors we really get to have fun with. We usually post on social media and ask for our followers to name our new creations. There are some seriously creative and witty people out there. We get some awesome names sent in.

A Trio of Options at dOugh M G - photo by Dennis Spielman
What are your popular options?
Actually depending on what the event is, depends on what’s popular. Our Classic dOugh (chocolate chip) is usually a pretty popular one but it’s not always the number one seller.

What got you started on the food truck for dOugh M G?
As far as what got us started with our truck, dOugh M G, I’ve wanted a food truck for about 6 years now. Once we moved back to the OKC Metro area we started tossing around ideas that we thought would work well on a truck and cookie dOugh was the favorite. My husband and I jumped in and in a little over a month’s time we were in the food truck business.

The dOugh M G Trailer - photo by Dennis Spielman
What’s the story behind the design of your food truck?
As far as the name goes I can’t take credit for it. It was suggested to me by a friend during a late night brainstorming session and we thought it was perfect. It has just enough humor and is catchy enough that it’s memorable. As far as the design of our truck well it’s a work in progress. We’ve had several ideas but I think we have finally narrowed it down to what we are wanting it to end up looking like. We’re hopeful that this winter we will be able to have out trailer transformed and ready to go for next year.

What can people regularly expect from you?
Always expect service with a smile and a bit of conversation. We like to get to know our customers and chat with them as much as we can. They are a reason we do what we do and if it wasn’t for our followers there wouldn’t be dOugh M G. As far as cookie dOugh everyone can expect to have our 6 staple flavors to choose from at all events. We as dOugh M G put the expectation on ourselves of handing out dOugh that is yummy every time our customers order from us.

What’s a typical day like?
“Even if it’s a monthly event that we’ve been to before and feel like we know what to expect there is always something that makes it just a little different from the last time.”LOL a typical day? I’m not sure we’ve had on of those yet. Honestly a typical day for us during events lasts anywhere from 6 to 10 hours. There’s so much more that goes on than just what people see on our truck. Most days for me start with inventory and making sure we have all the supplies and ingredients we need for the event that we are headed to that day. After that it’s loading the truck, double checking google calendar for addresses and times and then heading out. Our setup time is minimal and since we make everything on site on the truck there really isn’t any prep work that happens before hand. I think one of the greatest things for me is that my days are never the same. Even if it’s a monthly event that we’ve been to before and feel like we know what to expect there is always something that makes it just a little different from the last time.

What are some of your usual spots and where can people go to learn more about your truck and where you’ll be located?
As far as usual spots if we are not out at a public or private event you can find us in Mustang parked at Green Family Chiropractic. We don’t open our window everyday but it’s definitely every week. To find out more about us, our truck and where we will be for the week you can follow us on Facebook at dOugh M G, Twitter @doughmgok, and Instagram @doughmgoklahoma. We post all of our events and outings on social media so that everyone can keep up with when and where we will be.

What activity do you never procrastinate on when it needs doing?
Once we can tell which flavors are selling the fastest I always try to stay one step ahead on making more of that kind of dOugh so that our customers aren’t’ waiting too long. We understand no one likes to wait in lines so we do the best we can to get the orders in and out as fast as possible.

dOugh M G - photo by Dennis Spielman

What’s some place you enjoy visiting in Oklahoma again and again?
This is a hard question. We like to travel and visit different places and we enjoy Oklahoma small towns like Woodward but I think our favorite place to visit is Stillwater. We love fall in Stillwater. There is something magical that happens during that time and I’m not just talking about Cowboy Football. There’s just something about Stillwater that creates this feel of a city and small town charm at the same time.

Anything else you want people to know?
One of the things we love about our truck is that it allows us to give back to the city that we live in. We love OKC and the people here. I’m a southern girl in every sense of the word and the people here in OKC and all of Oklahoma really, seem to have a lot in common with Southerners. This has made it easy to fall in love with Oklahoma. That being said I really want to give back to Oklahomans. Since we’ve started this truck we’ve been able to offer a home alarm system to a widow, help in providing a service dog to a teen, and helping out teachers in classrooms and several other things. Our main goal other than bringing cookie dOugh to Oklahoma is to love on people. Maybe that’s through a scoop of dOugh or maybe that’s helping them out in other ways we don’t know. However, it may be that’s our real goal with our food truck, loving people.

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