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Hey, everyone!

I have two awesome art installations to talk about in Oklahoma City, which I experienced last night.

First up, I filmed this video of my experience of Factory Obscura’s Shift opening, which sums up how amazing it is. Factory Obscura is an Oklahoma City-based art collective working to create a fully-immersive, experiential art installation that challenges the participant to physically explore the full-sensory environment.

Stay tuned next week for my interview video with some of the founders and artists behind Factory Obscura.

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Then after Factory Obscura, I went to Ginna Dowling’s Hieroglyphics 2017: The Spirit of our People art opening at Oklahoma Contemporary’s Showroom, which is really cool to see at night. Ginna Dowling’s hieroglyphs are contemporary versions of ancient symbols. Using the simplest of methods — tearing construction paper by hand — she constructs visual symbols for important aspects of her own life, as well as the lives of people around her. These forms are translated into vinyl, which she develops into site-specific installations. In addition to creating her own forms, Ginna works with members of the community to add onto her installations. She finds that the simplicity of the process allows everyone to explore their own creativity. Ginna will be conducting workshops while her pieces are installed at the Showroom, the results of which will eventually become part of this exhibition. In addition, visitors can drop in during Showroom hours to create their own “hieroglyphics.”

Go out and enjoy these installations!

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