Welcome to the Weekly Monday Music Discovery playlist. Each week, when applicable, I’ll feature a mixtape of both new music video videos and singles of all genres of music by local bands in Oklahoma. If you’re interested in having your music video or new single highlighted, contact me with a link and your artist statement. Statements can include comments about where the video was filmed, the story behind the song, people you want to thank, and whatever you want to share. (Originally, this was limited to music videos, but after some thought, I’m opening this feature to singles too.)

For this playlist, I’ve also included some noticeable videos released in 2017 to help get this started, with the exception being “Lord of the fish people” by They Act Human, which was released on January 2, 2018.

Lord of the fish people by They Act Human
Statement from Stephanie Sunday:
“This video was pulled together by a group of creatives converging together to celebrate the coming of the new year and all of its potential. It is dedicated to two fellow creatives who passed away in 2017. The music was originally dedicated to local comic artist Scott Cosby and the video is dedicated to Jeff Graves, the recently deceased owner of Rick Gallery (where it was filmed). He was a great fan and supporter of the arts and the video was influenced by the era of Dadaism, a style of which he appreciated. Special thanks to participants Stephanie Sunday, Jay Graves, Pandy Warren, and Allin KHg. All music, filming, editing by Art Sunday of They Act Human.”

2222 by Costello
“It’s roughly based on a paralysis nightmare I had years ago. My eyes were open, I could see my room, but I could also see hands covering my body, seemingly preventing me from being able to move.

A friend of mine had a vision of the same scene while listening to our most recent album, Conscious Trip. This spooked me and led me to start the song. It evolved with concepts like sexual taboo and the shattering of guilt and shame in mind. Nearly every woman I know feels shameful, at least from time to time, about her sexuality. It shouldn’t be so black and white – either playing the whore or the virgin archetype. It’s more fluid than that. It’s a discussion of energetics. The hands grasping and caressing allude to the topic of sexual abuse. To empower oneself as a female, and own ones sexuality, can be very intimidating in a masculine world that loves to grab and sometimes refuses to let go.”

~ Clare Costello
Shot, Directed, Edited by Austin & Colton Warren.

Fresh – Make Statements
Produced by NOLO Music. Shot by Pure Films.

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