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It’s all about Names by Judith in this Creator Conversation Q&A. Kinsey Charles, Lynn Neill, and Morgan Ward talk about their album, who has the coolest name, things that should burn, and more.

How do you describe yourself and your music?
Names by Judith album coverLYNN: We are an acoustic/folk singer-songwriter trio that aims to craft our music in a way that relates to our listeners’ experiences or helps them to see the world through new eyes.

What got you interested in creating music and sharing it with others?
KINSEY: We all have different musical backgrounds, whether it be orchestra or choir, etc. I started writing music when I learned a few chords on the guitar at 15. When I am writing, there is very little focus on sharing this with an audience. I’m just writing what comes out. I feel like that makes the songs more genuine when they are shared.

MORGAN: I’ve been involved with music for as long as I can remember and started writing when I was about 12. For me, it has always been the easiest way to say what I’m thinking and feeling. As a band, our formation was informal and almost haphazard at first, and we focused on writing and sharing music that would connect our listeners and help them deal with pain and joy.

LYNN: Music has always been a huge part of my life and I always had a desire to create and share music I’d written, but it wasn’t until Judith happened that I felt I had a true outlet for writing, so thanks Morgan and Kinsey!

Who are some of your musical influences?
KINSEY: Patty Griffin, Waterdeep, Sufjan Stevens, Anais Mitchell

MORGAN: Jessie Ware, Matt Corby, The Emerson Letters

LYNN: I always struggle with this question… The Staves, Andrew Bird, Sara Watkins (Nickel Creek)

Use exactly seven words to describe your album, Names.
Names is a very good album. Listen. . . . . or vulnerable, empowering, lovely, genuine, strong, relatable, perspective-giving

What was the greatest challenge you overcame in making this album?
KINSEY: Making all the non-music decisions as a group. Despite having different musical influences and backgrounds, we generally gel on musical decisions so we didn’t foresee the difference in opinions beyond that. And there are so many decisions: album art work, order of songs, format of music, when/where/how to release, etc.

Who has the coolest name ever?
LYNN: Albus Percival Wolfric Brian Dumbledore

What are some things people should just let burn?
KINSEY: Abusive relationships, MORGAN: overwhelming self-doubt, trying to make something work that is unhealthy, LYNN: the idea of perfection, unhealthy expectations. Also candles, incense, etc.

If you were stuck in a boat ride that went wrong, would you want to be in the same boat with?
KINSEY Kevin Costner from Water World . . . or Jason Momoa’s character from Aquaman . . . or just Jason Momoa.

MORGAN Probably Bear Grylls. Not cause he’s cool, but I feel like he would keep me alive. Personality wise, bandmates.

LYNN Definitely not Rose from Titanic.

Anything else you want to say or let people know?
KINSEY: Lynn just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl … new future bandmate.

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