Doc Crimson by Don Rosencrans

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In the manga-influenced comedy for all ruthless, evil geniuses, Doc Crimson is a mature comic series by Don Rosencrans that centers around a single father who is doing the best he can to help raise his daughter while being the leader of an evil superpower. In this Creator Conversation Q&A session, Don Rosencrans shares how he came up with the idea, a proud/shameful creative moment, what he would personally do with a giant robot, and more.

What is Doc Crimson about?
Doc Crimson tells the tales following a single father who’s simply trying to raise his daughter and be an upstanding father while trying to balance his full-time duty as the leader of a bloodthirsty evil empire. You know, just like the rest of us trying to get by in our day-to-day lives.

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How did this idea of a single-father super villain come about?
It really comes down to telling a different kind of story. A lot of things focus on the protagonist and their stories, which is great: everyone loves to root for the good guy. And in comics the day to day lives of any character aren’t really fleshed out terribly often beyond the scope of heroic adventures and whatnot.

Another part of it is just it being a story most parents can relate to. It really can be kind of difficult in a single parent’s situation trying to make time for their kids and make those moments count. It’s just in Doc’s case, she happens to be surrounded a gang of ruthless psychopaths that are hell-bent on world domination.

What got you interested in making comics?
It’s always been the fact that it’s an artform truly unique to our generation. Although the idea of telling concise stories means of illustration have been around as far back as we can remember, it seems like we’ve only recently been able to perfect that to the form it currently is right now. And even with all the advancements in animation, that’s taken on a whole new level of achievement. And who knows what it will look like 20 plus years from now even!

What are some challenges you face in making this comic series?
I would have to say balance. Just like the character himself is trying to find that balance in his life, how do I display a sense of balance between the normal life events and…well, the absolutely bizarre.

Any behind the scenes stories you wish to share?
About a year ago, Charles (founder and fellow member of Literati Press) had brought to my attention how unsettling (though well laid out) the cover was to the first issue. I told him stop tripping, it just shows the reader exactly what they’re getting into.

A few short months later, a small child is carousing through the book store and stumbles upon this cover with a limbless corpse-turned-human pinata on the cover. Looking like he’d just seen a ghost, he tells his dad, “daddy, Doc Crimson makes me scream in my mind.”

Proud/shameful creative moment of mine.

Why should one read the comic?
It’s pretty easy for any parent to relate to, especially if being an evil doctor is something you happen to be.

Doc Crimson by Don Rosencrans

Who are some of your favorite super-villains?
Doctor Doom is always going to be a favorite of mine in the traditional “bad for the sake of being bad” sense. There’s always Frieza that fits in that department.

What would you personally do with a giant robot?
I suppose you can read the comic to find out…

…I’m kidding! I’m not that terrible of a human being. But I would do some selfish things, such as using it for transportation wherever in the world (or galaxy) I please.

Anything else you want to say or let people know?
Just the simple stuff. I appreciate you taking the time to read this interview and if you pick the comic book (currently at New World Comics and Speeding Bullet, and the first issue is already up at Comixology, with the second following soon) up don’t hesitate for a second to hit me up online. I absolutely love getting feedback from people and look forward to you fine folks and folkettes enjoying it!

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