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In this Creator Conversation Q&A session, Taylor from Vonna Pearl talks about their self-titled debut album. I also asked them who has the meanest mug, what they’ll never ever do again, and about dreams.

How do you describe yourself and your music?
I would describe our music as some sort of eclectic group of songs that are starkly different from each other, but somehow congeal into a cohesive sound. If I heard it on the radio, I would probably call it “indie” music, but I like to think it sticks its own head out in a way.

What got you interested in creating music and sharing it with others?
My mom gave me a copy of “A Night At The Opera” by Queen when I was 5 or so. The opening guitar riff to the album terrified me. Like in a way that fascinated me to my core. I think I’ve constantly been chasing that feeling.

Who are some of your musical influences?
I’m an embarrassingly big fan of Beatles, Zeppelin, Kinks, Bowie Doors, ELO etc… I’m also, and always have been very drawn to/influenced by early R&B stuff like any of the Motown/Stax records artists. I would be lying if I didn’t say that 75% of the music i listen to is from before 1975.

Use exactly seven words to describe your self-titled album.

What was the greatest challenge you overcame in making this album?
I wish I had some dramatic story to tell you, but the making of the album was pretty quick and painless. Chelsey and I had recorded a few songs together several months earlier on a whim, and decided to expand on that idea. Chavez and O spent a month or so in the studio hashing out the production of each song, and it kind of all just fell into place.

What happens to you in your dreams?

Who do you think has the meanest mug?
Definitely Chavez.

What will you never again do in life?
Eat Frito Chili Pie.

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