Thunderbird Telecom Pioneers being Awarded - photo by Dennis Spielman

The Myriad Botanical Gardens has unveiled new playground equipment designed for children with special needs in the Children’s Garden during a press preview today. The equipment installation is made possible thanks do a $75,000 donation from the Thunderbird Telecom Pioneers, a nonprofit charitable organization that was organized in 1978 as the Oklahoma City Telephone Pioneer Council.

The We-saw™ is a new take on the traditional seesaw. Its unique design and gentle rocking motion invites kids and families of all ages and abilities to participate in the fun.

The Arch Swing is a fun and accessible way to add swinging motion to your playground. The wide seating area accommodates up to five children and is constructed of durable steel with a soft rubber bumper. Children with Sensory Processing Disorder, or similar sensory issues, can lay across the center section and enjoy the calming to-and-fro motion. Children can also sit around the perimeter of the seat and enjoy swinging together.

The AbilityWhirl has changed public open spaces by making merry-go-rounds accessible to children of all abilities, and this equipment is now used in hundreds of play areas, schools, hospices and hospitals. The manufacturer GL Jones is located in the United Kingdom. There are currently more than a dozen in the United States with the AbilityWhirl. The Myriad Gardens is the only one in Oklahoma.

The Myriad Botanical Gardens is one of Oklahoma City’s most beloved public spaces, offering its visitors a 15-acre​ natural escape in the very heart of downtown. A half-acre children’s garden, an off-leash dog park, restaurant space, splash fountains, and paths for walking and jogging provide guests young and old with a place to seek solitude with nature, or seek community and the company of others. Additionally, the Myriad Gardens offers a variety of horticultural education programs for adults and children.

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