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Two female engineers and Alumni of Oklahoma State University teamed up to create, ThatWay!, a carpooling community for students in Oklahoma. In this Creator Conversation Q&A session, Sammiyah Abdullah and Ashane Woody, discuss their new program.

Tell me a bit about yourself and your role with ThatWay.
Ashane Woody, co-founder of ThatWay:
I am from OKC, OK and I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. I really enjoy innovating and inventing hence, why I picked my major. I also love helping others and seeing people get the best out of life.
Fun Fact: I love dogs and currently have two Yorkies.

Sammiyah Abdullah, co-founder of ThatWay:
I am from Saint Louis, Mo and studied and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering at Oklahoma State University class of 2018. I enjoy design and producing content over visual mediums. I love content that helps change the world and makes access to the average consumer easier.

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What is ThatWay?
ThatWay is a community where college students can learn fun hacks that may help get them through certain college situations. Things like how to get books cheaper, how to make cheap on-the-go-meals, and how to stay organized, etc. It is also a website where they can join any group they want to have a conversation or just to see what people that relate to them are talking about. It is even meant for venting and getting advice from other college students.

Furthermore, ThatWay includes ride share postings that allows students to see available rides. These rides may include: going out of town, to the grocery store, sports game, community service event or just a ride to campus. This is great because not everyone has a parking pass for campus, owns a car, or has access to a bus. We plan to make this as safe as possible for student verified accounts and secure payment processing.

How did the idea for ThatWay come about?
The idea for ThatWay was created when my colleague and I wished there was a site just for our University or colleges in general where students could communicate. We wanted to know what was going on around us and at other schools if we so happened to be visiting. She lived out of town and I drove constantly, so we thought it would be amazing if there was a popular site where students could go to see available rides from other students that may be heading in the direction they needed to go. These rides would be cheaper, safe, and convenient. The desire to have both choices led us to creating ThatWay. It is currently a web application, however, we seek to create a mobile app in the near future.

What have been some of your greatest challenges in getting ThatWay off the ground?
Our main challenges so far have been learning marketing, better understanding and learning our audience and how to make it work in our favor. Learning how to build our own website from the ground up to eventually having our own mobile application has been a challenge as well.

Which way would you like to go with ThatWay in the future?
In the future, we hope to have a mobile IOS and Android app to make ThatWay more accessible and just a click away.

What are some of your favorite scenic drives in Oklahoma?
I love looking at the huge windmills on I-35, going from OKC to Dallas. I also love seeing the Arkansas River when traveling from Stillwater to Tulsa.

Anything else you want to say or let people know?
I want to let people know that anything is possible if you put forth the work and stay determined. Also to check out our website for a chance to win a 100$ visa gift card!

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