Autumn Pop-Up at Nault Gallery

Autumn Pop Up, a show exhibiting new work from the studios of Anthony Dyke, Susan Morrison-Dyke, Suzanne Mears and Christie Owen, opened on Friday, September 14th from 6 pm to 9 pm at Nault Gallery in Midtown.

All four artists are well-established and highly visible artists in the Oklahoma City metro area and beyond. The show offers a beautiful exhibition consisting of large and small abstract paintings that share a common connecting thread when hung together. The tactile and visceral paintings, create a strong impression of kindred spirits among the four artists and their love for the physical act of painting. These artists take their work to a place where the viewer is allowed to simply enjoy the physicality of the medium, the lushness of paint and brushstrokes cutting contours to create form and space in fields of spatial ambiguity. The generous wall space, loft-like ceilings an abundance of beautiful, natural light at Nault Gallery, the artists believe provide the ideal atmosphere in which to view their works.

Suzanne Mears, Anthony Dyke, Susan Morrison-Dyke, and Christie Owen (left to right) - photo by Dennis Spielman

Anthony Dyke is an artist who draws inspiration from interior spaces and his urban surroundings. He manipulates images that are often reduced to shapes and areas of color through an intuitive process that leads his works to a painterly abstraction.

Susan Morrison-Dyke finds inspiration in the spiritual geometry of ancient art, the reductive design, and abstraction of mid-century modern and the fresh inventiveness of cubism. Her colorful works are constructed with figurative and narrative content.

Christie Owen’s art is created with a minimalist approach where texture and light become the subject. Her paintings utilize a variety of techniques and applications to invite the viewer to notice organic surface qualities within quiet compositions.

Suzanne Mears creates work in kiln formed glass, painting and clay. Each plays with and off of the other in the importance of inspiration and a continually fresh impact. Her work is contemporary, colorful, bold, exuberant and optimistic.

Nault Gallery, a fine art exhibition space, is located at 816 North Walker Avenue in Midtown, Oklahoma City. Autumn Pop-Up runs from September 14 to November 9, 2018. Visitors can view the show Tuesday through Saturday from 11 am to 6 pm. For more information about Nault Gallery, visit or call 405.642.4414.

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