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Rolling out a new Food Truck Q&A session today with Josh and Michelle Spurlock of BlueJ’s Rollin’ Grill.

What do you serve?
We are an American Cuisine Food Truck. Our Specialty is ‘Out of the Norm’ Gourmet Burgers – with 1 of our best sellers being our HeavyJ’ Burger – a Jalapeno Popper Burger; a variety of specialty French Fries – with our best selling being our Truffle Fries.

One of our menu goals is to bring our ‘Taste of America on Tour’ to life by introducing various well known dishes from across the country. One of which is our own exclusive recipe for Cincinnati Style Chili that we use in a number of dishes. We brought this unique recipe combination all the way from our home state of Ohio. It’s been quite the hit we must say!

What got you started on the food truck for BlueJ’s Rollin’ Grill?
We are seasoned local small business owners. We owned a large successful commercial cleaning business for several years and had always had a desire to start something of our own in the food / bar service industry. Little did we know the food truck business had been calling our name for a long time.

We began looking into the food truck industry in 2015 and were intrigued and captivated by it. This appeared to be our answer to the desire we had to have a successful restaurant business. Thru significant research and time spent talking with other food truckers in the area we decided that food truckin’ was the direction for us. This would be how we begin the path to our food industry business goals.

Blue J's Rolling Grill - Provided Photo

Let’s talk about the design of the food truck. What made you go with your truck? What was the design process like?
We spent a great deal of time determining whether a food truck or food trailer was our best bet. Thru much investigating we realized that a truck would give us the best desired result to represent and promote our brand.

Once we realized we wanted a truck, we were on the hunt for an already existing food truck we could call our own, that we could use to build our brand! We spent much time searching and looking in every direction to find what we were looking for with no luck. Everything was either too old, too small, not the right equipment etc…

We decided that instead of trying to find a truck to fit our vision, we would create a truck that was our vision. Finally we ran into Deion Estrada with D&D Custom Built Food Trucks – A local Truck Building Business here in the metro. Deion became a big help in this process. We were able to locate a truck suitable for the foundation of our dream and together we began the creation process.

We spent several months from beginning to end. Drew up the plans, started the build out, designed the look and feel, and from there the BlueJ’s brand was born! With every nut bolt and piece of equipment our “Rollin’ Grill” came to life! Finally we were ready to hit the road!

What can people regularly expect from you?
Heart and Soul! BlueJ’s Rollin’ Grill is way more than just a food truck! Our vision has always been to not only create amazing traditional American food in a brand new way, but to create a fun relaxed atmosphere where friends and family can gather for a nontraditional delicious meal and fun memorable experience.

What’s a typical day like?
Well a day in the life of a food trucker is anything but typical! Just like anyone else we all have our days! Days in the sun and days in the rain! Literally! Being in the food truck business you are at the mercy of many things. You are dependent your truck and equipment operating correctly- if it’s not neither are you! Time – it’s about being in the right place at the right time, with the right menu and the right crowd! And of course let’s not forget our favorite – Mother Nature – if she’s not cooperating neither are we!

Our days and nights are filled not only with maintenance, right timing, and working together with Mother Nature, but also about the fun, excitement and joy we get from doing what we love everyday! For those of us willing to put in the work, effort and dedication the reward of the pros outweigh the cons every time! At the end of most hard working days we can still go home with a smile remembering the happy customers we were able to serve and please that day by bringing our passion to their pallet! And, seeing those customers return to the truck time and time again hearing their admiring comments, reviews and praise is definitely a reward worth pursuing!

What are some of your usual spots and where can people go to learn more about your truck and where you’ll be located?
Over the course of nearly two years we have been all across and around the metro! Everywhere we go we find new fans and followers. People always want us to come back. There are several locations we have standing contracts with on a monthly basis. We spend our weekdays providing an uplifting break in the workday at various corporations for lunches, our evenings and weekends at various private functions, events and festivals, or when we’re lucky a break with little time for family and friends!

Some of the public venues we have been found nesting at from time to time are various loved and well known locations such as Bleu Garten, various OU Events, Red Brick Nights, Heard on Hurd, Beats & Bites, and just about anywhere that a love for great food and entertainment can be found!

If you could go on tour anywhere in the world with your Rollin’ Grill where would you go?
Wow! Anywhere!? Well, there would actually be several places you would find the BlueJ flying off too if time, miles and travel weren’t an issue…

You would find us headed cross country landing at various cities around the nation for a true ‘Taste of America on Tour’! It would be so exciting to have an opportunity to take our truck to places where we could share recipes and cooking styles with top notch Chefs and learn what makes each cities signature dishes so special and unique, then bring them home to share with our fellow Okies!

Then, we would head the truck out on a Music Tour! Some of our most favorite venues would of course be some of the biggest and best music festivals around the great Us-of-A! We’d take the big bird on wheels to visit some of our nations most popular musically inclined hot spots. Probably one of the first events we would head to would be the Blues Festival in Memphis! Don’t know if you know this but the name BlueJ’s was born out of the head BlueJ – Josh’s love of music and the blues! Josh Spurlock is the J in BlueJ’s and of course Blue represents his love for the Blues! Josh being a talented guitarist had a heart to combine his two favorite things – food and music – creating BlueJ’s! It would be only fitting for us to pay tribute to our roots by being a part of such amazing events!

Who knows where the road will lead us in the future…

Blue J's Rolling Grill - Provided Photo

Anything else you want people to know? Any records or fun facts you wish to share?
The past couple years have brought many learning experiences, growth opportunities, joys and struggles. Thru it all our business and team continues to grow stronger, wiser and become much better at our craft dedicated to giving you the best food truck experience around!

We’ve had many successes during this first phase of our business and are truly grateful and thankful for all the blessings that have been bestowed on us! Some accomplishments that come to mind are – being named one of the top 5 Burger Trucks in the Nation – the upcoming opportunity to participate in the 1st official Okie Food Truck Championship – And of course the hatching of our newest little BlueJ – The Happy Wagon (which we MUST discuss in another interview!) We are also grateful and thankful for the challenges we’ve faced along the way allowing us to learn and grow to become our best possible selves!

We are extremely excited about what the future holds not only for us but for the food truck industry as a whole in this great state of Oklahoma! It’s humbling to be a part of something so much greater than just us! We absolutely love how our industry as a whole joins together and shows support and love for each other. When there’s a need we all work together to meet that need. We each have special gifts and abilities that help the group as a whole and that’s what makes us all successful!

As for us and the future… Well the BlueJ will be flying onward and upward! Stay tuned for BIG things in the next coming years! What will it be? Time will tell… Maybe a second truck, maybe a brick and mortar bar and grill or something else much different, new and exciting! Whatever it is there will for sure be opportunity for involvement in many ways from our Flock (also fun details to be revealed later)! Until then.. We’ll keep giving our Flock the best! You deserve nothing less!

Of course if you’re interested in having us bring the party to you be sure to contact us and we’ll be thrilled to be a part of your next event!

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