In the Monday Music Discovery playlist, I feature a mixtape of both new music video videos and singles of all genres of music by local bands in Oklahoma. In this Monday Music Discovery, I have new music by Colourmusic, FM Haivala, Holly Beth, and The New Tribe. If you’re interested in having your music video or new single highlighted, connect here.

Haunt Me by Colourmusic
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Artist Statement: Everything in the video is real.

Swerve by FM Haivala featuring Brandohhh and Ty Stax
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Artist Statement: If I HAD to pick one track from all the others to tell a quick story about, I would say Swerve; the final track featuring Brandohhh and Ty Stax. It’s the most important to me, and it’s the ONLY track besides Transmissions that has ZERO gutturals on it. The reason it’s so important to note that is because:
1. Brandohhh and Ty Stax have seen the negative reaction I get from some of the Hip-Hop community, and made a sound choice to make music with me regardless of how other people felt.
2. I was ORIGINALLY going to put out the track with my Gutturals, but got convinced to step out of my comfort zone by Brandohhh and Stax at the last minute.
I usually don’t rap without my Guttural spin on it, I have before, but I had gotten a LOT more of a negative response than with my gutturals, which skewed how I though about making music. We had also already recorded the track in a 3-4 hour session, however, a few days later Brandohhh and Stax asked to have a creative criticism meeting. They explained that they wanted me to come out of my shell a little bit more, and show that even though I use gutturals, I can also spit smooth with some of the best. They had stepped out of their OWN respective comfort zones to get onto MY style of music, after all, and fair IS fair.
So they helped me put together an updated vocabulary and flow pattern, we re-wrote my entire part from scratch, and we went from there. It took me at LEAST 15 different tries to get the Flow correct; I kept messing up on simple transitions, and I kept flubbing words and lines and having to re-read and start over. Swerve was one of the HARDEST tracks I have recorded, and Brandohhh and Stax helped me along the way. They kept encouraging me to push through the nervous energy and think about writing from a different perspective, think about different flow patterns and backing vocals. Brandohhh and I even mixed it together, allowing me to gain more knowledge of the mastering side of music!
Because of that I’ve grown as an Artist, and I decided to start working on a NEW project called “Blood Lust”, where the tracks are going to be a Pop/Club type of sound mixed with my Signature Guttural Vocals; sort of an “Anti-Pop” project. The Flows are updated and feel more Fresh and Vibrant, and the tracks have more thought and meaning behind them, thanks to what I learned from my fellow Artists.
Gutt-Hop Vol. 1 closes out with a Party attended by Friends, and Hosted by someone attempting to be more open and in the Middle of a Situation. That’s the biggest reason it is important to me; A Party attended by Friends. Friends who, behind the scenes, want to push one another to Success instead of Failure.

There’s a Backroad for That by Holly Beth
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Artist Statement: This new music from us is something we’ve been perfecting over the past two years. In that time, I’ve been able to find myself as a person and as an artist, and this music reflects that. This record will be about everything I’ve experienced over the past two years that’s made me the person I am today. There’s happiness, sadness, heartbreak, hope and everything in between. There’s a Backroad for That is one of the more upbeat, happy songs on the album. A lot of my life happened on county roads, and I want people to be able to go back to growing up driving a backroad with your friends with not a care in the world. I hope this song can help people get away from the stress of everyday life and remember to live life a little careless every once in a while.

Elevator by The New Tribe
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Artist Statement: 1st side of the The New Tribe’s new “double A” sided single Elevator/Light One Candle, a vibrant and powerful platter of driving, groove-oriented pop, unlike anything else you’re likely to hear this fall. Signaling a new era for the band, the two songs embrace the group’s psychedelic American roots and create a vibe and sonic landscape that seems entirely fresh yet instantly familiar; hook-laden but experimental, concise but cosmic.

Side A, ‘Elevator,’ hisses into being with backward cymbals and disembodied voices that melt into Bo Diddley beats, soulful verses, and chant-along choruses. On the vocals, brothers Adam (drums) and Eric (guitar) Sarmiento trade verses and harmonize on the choruses, highlighting some of the vocal versatility of the band. The middle section’s elliptically ascending arrangement creates a pleasant fugue state of mind. Raga-esque guitar work that nods to the solos of the early, grittier Jerry Garcia give way to a cloud of choral voices that rain down and evaporate up into the final raucous chorus and percussive coda. It’s a journey in miniature, an odyssey packed into 4 minutes and change. video by Ethan Hoagland. Directed by Ethan and Adam Sarmiento.

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