Victorian Radicals at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art

In the second half of the nineteenth-century, three generations of young, rebellious artists and designers revolutionized the visual arts in Britain by engaging with and challenging the new industrial world around them. Victorian Radicals: From the Pre-Raphaelites to the Arts and Crafts Movement at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art was organized from the outstanding collection of the city of Birmingham, United Kingdom. The exhibition includes The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, William Morris and his associates, and the champions of the Arts & Crafts Movement offered a radical artistic and social vision whose inspiration was in the pre-industrial past.

The collection features over a hundred works—many of which have never been exhibited outside the UK—to illuminate this dynamic period of British art. In addition to paintings and drawings, “Victorian Radicals” includes sculpture, jewelry, pottery, stained glass, glasswork, garments, pamphlets, embroidery, and metalwork. The vast array of works included showcases the full spectrum of avant-garde practices during the Victorian period.

Victorian Radicals is co-curated by Tim Barringer, Paul Mellon Professor and Chair of the History of Art at Yale University; Martin Ellis, freelance curator, lecturer, and broadcaster who was the Curator of Applied Art at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery for many years; and Victoria Osborne, Curator of Fine Art for Birmingham Museums Trust, specializing in British nineteenth-century works on paper.

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