Happy Wagon - photo by Dennis Spielman

In this Food Truck Q&A, we hear the story behind the mobile bar, BlueJ’s Happy Wagon.

What do you serve?
BlueJ’s Happy Wagon is a first-of-its-kind Full Service Mobile Bar! We travel the Metro and outlying communities providing a one-of-a-kind fun and relaxing unique outdoor bar experience for both public and private events.

As for WHAT we serve… sometimes it’s liquid courage lol, sometimes it’s a relaxing time with friends, but it’s always FUN! We specialize in crafting specialty cocktails, or as we like to call them – J’Tails! Some of our newly famous creations are the ‘Flocked Up! Which is our signature drink – it’s of course blue and delicious; the ‘Hatchling from Hell’ which is our more venomous take on the popular beer cocktail the Snake Bite; and ‘Thunder Struck’ which is our own explosive invention of a refreshingly flavorful wine cocktail.

Not only can you get these and other amazingly tasty Signature, Beer and Wine J’Tails from the Happy Wagon, but we also carry a variety of your favorite wines and beers – including some local favorites from Breweries such as Coop and Twisted Spike.

What got you started on the Mobile Bar for BlueJ’s Happy Wagon?
As mentioned in our interview we did a while back for BlueJ’s Rollin’ Grill – we have always had a desire to start something of our own in the food / bar service industry. Once we started the food truck we new that we weren’t done adding to the BlueJ’s Family! With the Rollin’ Grill providing an outstanding menu of amazing gourmet burgers and other American favorites, what could be better than adding a top notch Mobile Bar Service to the culinary experience!

With this in mind, the Happy Wagon was born (or should we say hatched lol)! So once again, we put in countless hours of thought, research, creating and branding to come up with this complimentary concept to add to our already growing brand.

Happy Wagon - Provided Photo

Let’s talk about the design of the Bar. What made you go with a trailer? What was the design process like?
We spent a great deal of time determining the Bar’s name, design and style to best represent and promote our brand. We decided that BlueJ’s Happy Wagon was the perfect name, I mean that says it all right, and that the look and feel needed to be coincide with that of the Rollin’ Grill to be consistent with the BlueJ’s brand.

Knowing that we wanted to be able to provide a complete Bar experience we spent time determining the best layout and equipment for the trailer so that we could utilize enough space to serve larger venues and events. Once all that was figured out the custom building process began!

We selected a trailer style that fit our needs from OK Truck and Trailer and had it built to spec. Once all that was complete it was time to roll it off the lot, get the equipment installed, with the help once again of Deion Estrada from D&D Custom Built Food Trucks, then design the wrap and have 247 Graphx install it. Last but not least, we of course had to have a 48” Dish Satellite TV and Bluetooth Music Soundbar for entertainment! After all that our new little birdie was finally ready to leave the nest and fly just in time for his first big event at Myriad Botanical Gardens on St. Patrick’s Day!

What can people regularly expect from you?
A one-of-a-kind Food and Bar experience on wheels that you won’t find anywhere else! We have a blast when we get to attend events together! It’s so exciting to see how both units work together and provide this unique experience for those visiting our trucks! We get compliments all the time on how much they love the food, drinks and whole experience! We wanted to create an environment providing a fun, all inclusive, relaxed atmosphere where friends and family can congregate for a nontraditional delicious meal with tasty craft drinks for a memorable experience.

What’s a typical day like?
Well just like with the food truck – a day in the life of any mobile vendor is anything but typical! With the Mobile Bar we not only have all the same concerns, challenges, issues as the Food Truck – we have a whole new set of task to complete and challenges to overcome.

Our days are filled with searching for the right events and venues to attend, communicating with the event planners to educate them on our services – working together to plan and set up amazing events that people will love attending.

We spend a great deal of time building relationships with various communities, not to mention working with the ABLE Commission to insure we are in complete compliance to be able to offer this great experience to you our end consumer.

When we’re not doing all that (which does consume a great deal of time…) we are doing the fun stuff like creating new craft J’Tails, working on creative ways to advertise and reach new people, events and communities. There’s never a dull moment and it truly isn’t for the faint of heart. This venture takes a lot of dedication, and innovative pioneering! But we do love every minute of it!

Our nights are spent doing what we love and serving our crowds at events. It get’s loud, and crazy busy at times but the winning moments are when we get to share in the joy on our visitors faces as they take that first sip and tell us it was the “best they’ve ever had” “their new favorite” “there’s nothing like it” the list goes on and on.

What are some of your usual spots and where can people go to learn more about your Mobile Bar and where you’ll be located?
Unlike the Food Truck, the Happy Wagon doesn’t have typical nesting spots or locations. All of our locations are varied depending on the type of event and demographic of attendees. Our goal is to continue to broaden its spectrum of events.

This next year we will be attending more events that are opening up to having us provide a fun Bar atmosphere to their festival goers. A couple of our favorite hot spots we loved to hang out at this year was Myriad Botanical Gardens and the Gypsy Glam Roadshow Events. They were such a great promoter and supporter of the Happy Wagon this past year and we are looking forward to more great partnerships like this again this next year!

We will also be opening up our services more this next year for private events such as parties, special corporate events and weddings! We are happy to provide our full service catering everything from our great food options all the way to our signature drinks! Plus entertainment with 2 Dish Satellite TVs, Bluetooth Music Soundbars and Karaoke for those really looking for a fun time!

Just like the Food Truck we have all our own social media where we post our schedules on a weekly basis and we also list them on our website.

If you could go on tour anywhere in the world with your Happy Wagon where would you go?
Wow! Well I would have to say ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE! We desire to introduce the Happy Wagon to EVENTS ALL OVER THIS STATE! We know that thru working with like minded groups and individuals that will become a reality. People everywhere we go are so open, welcoming and responsive to us. Unfortunately, there are still plenty of communities outside the metro that, even though their event organizers are desiring to work with us, their city’s local government haven’t yet had the opportunity to adjust their city ordinances to allow for our services to be offered at their events. Thru open communication and education that will soon change and the Happy Wagon will be welcome everywhere!

Who knows where the road will lead us in the future…

Happy Wagon - photo by Dennis Spielman

Anything else you want people to know? Any records or fun facts you wish to share?
We’ve had many successes during this first year of the Happy Wagon and many opportunities for growth, education and evolution. We are truly grateful and thankful for anything that come our way making us the best we can be in our services to you!

Some accomplishments that we’ve experienced this year are – being chosen to participate in this year’s local Bar Wars Competition! We won big that night by getting the opportunity to participate in such a great event and help an awesome charity, while meeting so many wonderful people that absolutely loved what we do. Getting your name out among large crowds of people is always a great achievement for any new and upcoming business! We’ve worked with many great people, websites and publications who’ve shared in our excitement and enthusiasm in getting our story out to their readers and fans. Big thanks to all who have had a hand in promoting us! You are a big part of our success!

We are extremely excited about what the future holds for BlueJ’s! We are humbled and grateful to have such wonderful people everywhere we go becoming new friends and family! Without all of you we couldn’t do, or be, all that we are! You are the greatest part of our business!

As for us and the future… Well it is bolder and brighter than ever before! We have so many exciting things planned this next year that we can’t wait to share with everyone! We’ll be adding some really awesome services to what we offer, as well as welcoming a unity of some incredible talent to work along side with us on various events and projects. Stay tuned to what’s happening – you won’t want to miss any of what’s to come!

Of course if you’re interested in having us bring the party to you be sure to contact us and we’ll be thrilled to be a part of your next event! If you also know of any local events hosted by your community that you think we would be a great fit for please let us know! [email protected] 405-824-4462

Happy Wagon - photo by Dennis Spielman

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