If you’re planning on having family come in for the holidays and you’re looking for suggestions on where to take them out to eat, the OKC OVER EASY is podcast is all about Oklahoma City’s food scene. In this Creator Conversation interview session, I speak with Malory Craft to learn what listens can expect from the podcast.

In your own words, what is the OKC Over Easy podcast about?
OKC OVER EASY is an interview style podcast, and to the core, it’s a podcast about food. I love learning about my guest’s induvial memories and preferences when it comes to dining out, cooking, and just food in general. But I also like to sneak in some pop culture, OKC news, dogs, and other stuff. Just however I’m feeling.

Who is the podcast intended for?
Everyone! Anyone who loves food, wants to stay up on the Oklahoma City food scene, or really loves grocery stores. I really try hard to ask women and POC to be guests on the show, because when it comes to the world of food media, those minorities are underrepresented. Just something to keep in mind when listening!

Why did you want start the podcast?
Honestly, I was bored, and I thrive off being busy. I had just started a new job and moved to Oklahoma City by myself and I wanted to do something creative and fun. I started by interviewing my close friends and it just spread from there. I ended up doing a dating radio show for a year on The Spy FM with my friend Ryan Drake, and when that ended, I moved the podcast to The Spy FM Podcast Network.

What’s a good episode for first time listeners to check out?
Oh, so many. I would have to say a good one is the Braum’s Ice Cream Taste Test (we taste all the new holiday flavors from 2016), and any one of the Grocery Gauntlet episodes.

Malory Craft recording podcast

What have been some challenges and lessons learned in the production of your podcast?
I am pretty technical, but learning sound design and editing the show was something I hated doing. I started with a USB Mic and my laptop, so there were some bumps in the road when trying to get a listenable episode at the beginning. Now that I am using The Spy Studios, it helps a ton with better sound quality.

Any behind-the-scenes stories you wish to share?
The OKC OVER EASY first birthday party was one of my favorite memories! I hosted all my former podcast guests and we did a live clip show at Savory Spice Shop. Hideaway Pizza catered and there was COOP Beer. It was tons of fun and something I’d love to do in the future.

What do you hope people will take away after listening to your podcast?
I hope that they have a different perspective on food, and they challenge themselves to try something new. A new cuisine, a new dish, or maybe try going to a different grocery store.

Anything else you want to say or let people know?
The podcast is on a hiatus until January, but I am still blogging (overeasy.blog), and there are tons of episodes in the archive for people to listen to. I can’t wait to come back with a fresh perspective and be able to talk about all the food I tried in the meantime!

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