Through hand-built sets, custom-painted action figures and over 90 hours of painstaking animation, “Indomation” by Mason Drumm is a whimsical tribute to the filmmakers and artists behind the Jurassic franchise. In this Creator Conversation Q&A session, filmmaker Mason Drumm shares the story behind the stop-motion animation short film.

Tell me a bit about yourself and your role with Indomation.

I’m a filmmaker living in Norman Oklahoma. I work full-time in the marketing department at a university and in my spare time I make stop-motion projects- often in my garage! I spent about 7 months in all from concept to completion on Indomation. I did everything from build the sets, create storyboard to animate and edit ( I did have help with painting sets and dino-figures).

What is Indomation about?

Indomation is a whimsical tribute to the Jurassic Park franchise. We follow a small wooden mannequin’s surprising evening at home. Dinosaurs are involved so naturally things don’t go well!

Why do this as a stop-motion animation?

Stop-motion is the best outlet for me to express my creativity. I love photography, videography, producing, and storyboarding… stop-motion brings all that together within one sphere so it’s perfect for me.

What got you interested in making movies?

Believe it or not Jurassic Park. So many of Spielberg’s early films provoked my imagination and lead me down the path of telling my own stories. I remember watching all ’the making of’ segments and thinking that’s what I want to do!

What was the greatest challenge you overcame in this production?

Great question. I think the hardest part of this project was the timeline. My goal was to get everything animated by Xmas because my first child was due to be born around that time. So for two months of animating it was a race against the clock. I barely managed to finish on time but looking back, if it hadn’t been for that sense of urgency, I might still be working on it!

Any behind-the-scenes stories you wish to share?

I animated everything in my garage, in Oklahoma, from November to December. IT WAS COLD! I had to buy two space heaters to keep me from freezing. I’ll never complain about my office temperature again.

Why should one see the movie?

If you’re a fan of the Jurassic Park franchise you might like this little quirky film. It’s light-hearted but has a good amount of suspense too! Plus, who doesn’t love toy dinosaurs?

What’s your favorite dinosaur?


Anything else you want to say or let people know?

As of this morning, both directors of the Jurassic World films -J.A. Bayona and Colin Trevorrow have both seen the film and praised it. They saw it on twitter and commented. I was… delighted to say the least!

The first stories I ever told were as a kid in the backyard with my Jurassic Park toys. Like so many others, that original film provoked my imagination and would ultimately lead me down the path to becoming a filmmaker. It’s fitting then that my first animated short film would feature Mattel’s Indoraptor figure, a toy that children today are no doubt bringing to life in their own imaginations.

Mason Drumm:

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