Welcome to the Monday Music Discovery playlist, where I feature a mixtape of both new music video videos and singles of all genres of music by local bands in Oklahoma. In this Monday Music Discovery, there’s new music by Marty Grebb and Jabee. If you’re interested in having your music video or new single highlighted, connect here.

Oklahoma Mama by Marty Grebb

Artist Statement: The team behind the renovation of Leon Russell’s historic Church Studio celebrates the launch of a boutique entertainment company and record label, JukeKnox Entertainment Group, by releasing “Oklahoma Mama,” a single written by veteran artists Marty Grebb (Bonnie Raitt, Eric Clapton, Leon Russell) and Walt Richmond (JJ Cale, Eric Clapton, Tractors) and performed by Marty Grebb. The song was written as a gift and presented to Teresa Knox, President of JukeKnox.

Marty Grebb: “I am proud of the history behind the music of the song, and it’s melody to, and musical connection in part at least to Leon Russell, who all three of those concerned, myself, Teresa and Walt, hold in such high regard, I feel blessed to have been part of the portal through which the song arrived.”

Teresa Knox: “I was shocked when Walt met with me told me he and Marty wrote a song in my honor. He said I can listen to it later and of course I couldn’t wait to play it when I left him and got in my car. My shock turned into embarrassment when I heard my name over and over in the music. But it didn’t take long for me to really get into the melody, rhythm, and instruments and to feel overwhelmingly grateful that these amazing musicians would take the time to create and share such a beautiful gesture!”

watch what you say by Jabee & Thelonious Martin

Artist Statement: Jabee & Thelonious Martin “watch what you say” featuring vocals by A.billie Free “Thy will be done” EP

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