Klipspringer NMF 2017 photo by Sebastian Deregibus

With rock and/or roll type sounds, Klipspringer answers ten questions in this Norman Music Festival performer question and answer session to get to know them before the festival. Klipspringer will perform at the Fowler Automotive Main Stage on Saturday, April 27, 2019, at 2:00 pm.

1. To get people to know you, how would you describe yourself and your music?

We’re a pop band from Norman. We became Klipspringer in 1993. We kind of sound like the Ramones meets Ween… sometimes.

2. What song would you like a person who hasn’t heard your music listen to first?

 Put It Out.

3. What’s your song writing process?

I pull out melodies from the white noise of the vacuum cleaner while I’m vacuuming. Most of the lyrics come at the same time.

4. What are your thoughts on the Norman Music Festival?

Norman Music Festival is the best music festival in Oklahoma and one of the best in the country. It’s free, it’s not too big, it has diverse and quality bands, and it has trains running through the middle of it.

5. In general, what inspires you?

Sex inspires me. Oh, and my wife and our 2 sons.

6. You’ve just been offered an all expenses paid trip. Where would you go?


7. Any plans while you’re in the Norman area?

Mow the lawn and eat at Pepe Delgados.

8. What else you want the public to know about you?

We won’t go away.

9. What do you think should be the Twelfth Wonder of the World?

The internet.

10. What was the most extreme adventure you’ve had?

Personally: Our family vacation in the mid-70s in our VW van. We drove all the way to Acapulco and back, camping the entire time. Good times and rough times.

As a band: Our 2002 “Winter Olympics” tour. We did a tour to Salt Lake City and back, including 2 shows in SLC during the Winter Olympics. SLC is a strange and beautiful place. Damn good times were had.

The twelfth Norman Music Festival is on April 25, 26, and 27, 2019. Read more interviews from performers in the festival -present and past- through here. To learn more about the festival, check out Uncovering Oklahoma’s NMF page.

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