The Spring 2019 exhibITion at amshot features Oklahoma artist romy owens in That Art Really Tied the Room Together. The exhibition of contemporary works opened on April 18, 2019, and will remain in amshot’s office until the Summer 2019 exhibITion.

It might seem unusual for an IT company to be promoting local art and culture, but Michael C. Thomas, CEO of amshot, says, “our organization is committed to combining art, fun and community service as a core part of our business.”

romy owens has made a name for herself among Oklahoma artists as the first Emerging Curator for Momentum OKC, the first Emerging Artist of the Year by the Paseo Art Association, the first Artist in Residence at the Skirvin Hotel in downtown Oklahoma City, the first Curator in Residence of the Artist Invitational for Downtown OKC, Inc, and the first artist selected for the Artist Series at Leap Coffee Roasters, among numerous /other projects.

“We’re excited to feature an artist that’s such a trailblazer in the Oklahoma art scene,” said Rick Alliss, COO of amshot.

Alliss and owens share the hometown of Enid, Oklahoma, so Alliss was particularly excited by owens’ latest project, Under Her Wing was the Universe: a large-scale sculptural pavilion in downtown Enid.

“I’ve kept up with romy’s art for a long time and have always been a big fan so I was really excited when I heard she was creating a functional piece in Enid,” said Alliss. “Local art is something I’m really passionate about. I have enjoyed seeing Oklahoma grow and progress into a state with a lot of artistic expression.”

The title of the exhibition, That Art Really Tied the Room Together, pays homage to the iconic line (“That rug really tied the room together”) from the 1998 cult-classic, The Big Lebowski.

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