George Arrow bequeaths his estranged son Henry a mansion filled with insane women in Arrows Of Outrageous Fortune, showing at the deadCenter Film Festival. In this deadCenter Q&A session, Alex Sanchez, Mickey Reece, Kinsey Charles, Mary Buss, Cate Jones, and Michaelene Stephenson talk about the film.

1. Tell me a bit about yourself and your role in the film. 

“My name is Alex Sanchez. I’m a local comedian and I play the main guy stuff happens to.” – Alex Sanchez, Actor

“I’m Mickey Reece. I’m a local writer/director and I just happened to write and direct this movie. Joining us in this Q&A are the Lovely Ladies of Outrageous Fortune.” – Mickey Reece, Director 

2. How do you personally describe the movie to people?

“It’s about this lovely kind redheaded starlet. She’s tragically smitten with a lovable, lazy man. Some stuff happens with him. But mostly it’s about the redheaded starlet and her great hunger for love.” – Kinsey Charles, Actor

3. Why should one see it?

“Alex Sanchez’s remarkable performance alone.” – Mary Buss, Actor 

4. What are your thoughts on the deadCenter Film Festival? 

“It’s one of the more fun festivals though they clearly need to raise their programming bar.” – Cate Jones, Actor 

5. What was the most challenging aspect you had during production?

“Production was honestly really not that challenging for me. I didn’t have to do any big, memorized monologues or like, a character voice or anything. I just sort of did the lines a bunch of different ways and let someone who knows what they’re doing pick the best one.” -Alex Sanchez, Actor

“The most challenging aspect during production for me (playing the role of the sedated Teresa, who’s father has recently passed away) was overcoming the unexpected neck pain from hanging my head to the side when I was in character.”  – Michaelene Stephenson, Actor

6. What was the best part about filming in Oklahoma? 

Well we filmed this movie really close to a Buffalo Wild Wings. I liked that. I like their potato wedges. Pretty good. I mean everyday after we wrapped I was chowing down on potato wedges. The cast and crew, they always knew where to find me. It was at B Dubs. Eating potato wedges. Disadvantages would be the weather I’d say.” – Mickey Reece, Director

7. What were some particular scenes or moments that were enjoyable to film?

“It was particularly fun to shoot the flashback scene in a cheap motel in Northwest Oklahoma City with a bunch of real bikers. I  recall having to avert my eyes and hold my breath so I wouldn’t laugh and ruin the shot.   This scene is a delightful hilarious surprise, and it was just as delightful to shoot.” – Mary Buss, Actor

8. What do you do to recharge your creative batteries? 

“Watch movies & read books. Art museums are also very inspiring. I’m constantly consuming. If I’m not watching something, I’m reading something/googling something like some Salem “witch”’s biography and going down a rabbit hole/listening to music or a podcast.” – Cate Jones, Actor 

9. What do you think should be placed as a marker for the dead center of the universe?

“If I got to choose what the dead center of the universe marker would be, it has got to be a cool pit stop to refuel your space jet and get a burger or ramen or a ramen burger. It also must have every single kind of rest-stop snack and beverage, but especially cherry icees and high-chews because I’m going to miss those when I’m lightyears from home.” -Michaelene Stephenson, Actor

10. Anything else you wish to add?

“We all had a blast making this movie and hopefully it shows on the screen. I’m certain Arrows was made with more love than a large majority of movies you’ll see at the multiplexes.” – Mickey Reece, Director 

Arrows Of Outrageous Fortune Schedule:

Thursday, June 6th, 5:30 PM @ Devon Energy Theater at Harkins Bricktown Cinema
Saturday, June 8th, 7:15 PM @ Devon Energy Theater at Harkins Bricktown Cinema

The 2019 deadCenter Film Festivals runs from June 6-9. Read more Question and Answer sessions with other deadCenter filmmakers, past and present, here.

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