In this deadCenter World Premiere documentary, Faces of the 47th: The Art of Activism follows Sarah Agee as she creates a statewide art installation of 47 public school children portraits to encourage citizens and politicians to vote pro-education. Director Cacky Poarch talks about the film in this deadCenter Q&A session.

1. Tell me a bit about yourself and your role in the film. 

Oh hey there! My name is Cacky Poarch. Things that make me a Film ICON and sparkly unicorn:

I am life force of fabulousness.
I am a single mother of two outstanding humans.
I used to play Roller Derby and my skate name was GoldieKnoxx 24k.
I’ve been killed in the corn in Children of the Corn: Runaway.
I have directed and produced 3 documentary films.
I directed and produced Faces of the 47th: The Art of Activism.
I am THRILLED that the World Premiere of my latest film will be at the deadCenter Film Festival.

2. How do you personally describe the movie to people?

After the 2018 Oklahoma teacher walkout, Sarah Agee was determined to keep the conversation alive about funding for public education and became an activist through art. The documentary follows the historic statewide art installation that she organized and installed. The film is also a reflection of the ripple effect of the teacher walkout and features OKC Mayor David Holt, State Senator Carri Hicks and a variety of local artists and art advocates.

3. Why should one see it?

Everyone should see Faces of the 47th: The Art of Activism because it’s timely and historic and relevant and educational and amazing. 

I believe every Oklahoman should see this film. 

Listen to your Aunt Cacky and go see this film on Thursday, June 6th at 8pm or Sunday, June 9 at 11:15am at Harkins Bricktown. 

You can thank me later.

4. What are your thoughts on the deadCenter Film Festival?

It’s the greatest film festival ON THE PLANET.* Duh.

* I was the previous Executive Director and am considered one of the founders, so I may be a wee bit biased. But I have also been to other film festivals, as a filmmaker and an attendee, and the deadCenter Film Festival is truly a top-notch event. I am so proud of how it has grown and thrived over the past 19 years. It really is fantastic.

5. What was the most challenging aspect you had during production?

Ohhh… stuff will always go wrong, but with a documentary, that can be especially tricky because there are no re-dos. Camera problems happen. Boom mics pick up wind. Oklahoma is reeeeeally windy. You think an interview is perfect, but later realize that it is unusable. It happens. But that can also be a fun challenge, figuring out how to go around technical problems and hurdles.

6. What was the best part about filming in Oklahoma?

My film is 100% Oklahoma. I love Oklahoma. Every Oklahoman should see it.

7. What were some particular scenes or moments that were enjoyable to film? 

It was an honor to film my friend Sarah Agee and the statewide installation of Faces of the 47th. First of its kind in Oklahoma which is amazing. I don’t think I have one favorite moment or interview, but being a fly-on-the-wall thru the process was pretty great.

8. What do you do to recharge your creative batteries? 

When I’m not dancing around the house singing Dark Lady by Cher? Hmmmm…. Sleep?

9. What do you think should be placed as a marker for the dead center of the universe? 

A good luck penny? I might need a committee to brainstorm this one.

10. Anything else you wish to add?

Seeing Faces of the 47th: The Art of Activism is good for the soul. 

deadCenter is awesome. 

If you have read this, and see me at the fest, you should buy a cocktail.

Dennis Spielman is a badass. 

That about covers it.

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