Welcome to the Monday Music Discovery playlist, where I feature a mixtape of both new music video videos and singles of all genres of music by local bands in Oklahoma. In this Monday Music Discovery, there’s new music by Kat Lock, Special Thumbs, and Jacobi Ryan. If you’re interested in having your music video or new single highlighted, connect here.

Biggest Mistake by Kat Lock (featuring Sophia Massad and Mackenzie Fox)

Artist Statement: A cute little song about selfsabotage. 

Rise by Special Thumbs

“Rise” is about the love of a good woman. It is about the strength and power of that love. How she can make you rise to heights you would otherwise not reach without her. 

We released Rise on 6-21-19. A music video will be released soon. Our next single “Guppy” will release 8-2-19 in support of our Debut LP “So Who Do You Know?”

Official Press Release:
Oklahoma City-based indie band Special Thumbs explores authentic connection in a culture of disposability with their latest project and first full-length album, the 11-track So Who Do You Know? The foursome poses the question to themselves and listeners as they examine relationship in all its forms – – from friendship, love and break-ups to religion and addiction.

Originally formed by Colorado natives Joey Riley (vocals/lyrics/keys) and Patrick Greene (vocals/lyrics/guitar), who’ve been friends since junior high, the band takes its name from a passing conversation about finger painting. The moniker stuck and has since come to signify the band’s appreciation for all artistic expressions and mediums. Over the past couple years, Riley and Greene welcomed Ryan Magnani (bass) and Ryan McGuire (drums) to the line-up. And now, the four go by Chiefy Roon, Pablo Tortoise, Mufasa and Animal, respectively, on stage.

Together, they create layered, thoughtful lyrics set against an atmospheric mix of textured synths, heady guitar riffs and moments of dissonant perfection. Think Cage The Elephant meets Spoon or Tame Impala crashes into Kings Of Leon blended with a dash of early influence courtesy of The Kinks and The Beatles. 

On So Who Do You Know?, Special Thumbs collaborated with guest artists from the OKC community, including producer/engineer Michael Trepagnier (Counting Crows, Coldplay) and Zach Zeller (Horse Thief). The result is an artful balance of contemplative, acoustic moments wrapped in the joyful, alt-rock/psyche groovyness that Special Thumbs fans have come to love.

“The phrase ‘so who do you know?’ could be a way to reference social or professional connections, but we’re asking it in the context of true relationship,” says Greene. “… our relationships – good and bad – with people and things that ground us or harm us.” 

Riley adds: “Who are the people with whom you can be genuine, who checks your ego? Who can you depend on? It’s also a reference to one another and our fans. Any success we’ve seen is because of who we know… our families, our friends, our fans.”

IDK by Jacobi Ryan

Artist Statement: Mama told me that it’d be days like this. Either they gon see these hands or I’ma raise my fist. Listen to the story behind the song on Ep. 24 of #TMIKTMID Podcast.

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